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Friday, 4 March 2011

To my wonderful wife

Today is our anniversary and although we have a had a busy day today and things didn’t go quite as planned, I just want everyone to know how much I love my wife.

Charito is my Rock. She keeps me going on a daily basis and I’m not quite sure how she puts up with me at times, especially when when I am on so many sterioids (Dex) and my emotions are all of the place. The past five years have been wonderful and I hope that we have many more years together after this treatment.

 Me and My Wife

Tu es mi vida, te amo más diaria. Seremos siempre juntos, hoy y por siempre.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Hope you manage to have a lovely relaxing evening togeher tonight! enjoy :) Lots of love, The Logans xxxx

  2. happy anniversery dad hope youve had a nice day lots of love xxxxxxx

  3. Sean and Maria I have got my days mixed up for your Anniversary Blame it on my Statins Lol. Lots of love for 5 years together. Yes you are well suited for each other. Knew that 5 years ago. Maria has been wonderful during your illness It has been a hard time for Maria too. Hope your day proved to be all you wanted. May I send all my love to you both and wish you a happy and much improved future healthwise. Lots of Love Carol J xxxxxxx

  4. Happy Anniversary and many more! :D xx