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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Not Dead Yet

I’ve been thinking about starting my own campaign for people who are similar to me. That is people who have cancer and want to carry on life as much as they can. This  includes people who know that they are going to die of cancer like me, but just don’t know when and those that are going through treatment but have a positive attitude.

When you tell people that you have cancer it always gets a different reaction, their never sure what to say, and I understand that. There not going to come straight out and say ‘are you going to die!’ although you know really that’s what they want to know. Personally I just tell them straight, so they don’t have to ask - ‘I have cancer, I will die of it, but don’t know when, hopefully I have a good few years, but it might only be a couple, if that.’ but the important thing is I’m Not Dead Yet’

Since I started writing this blog I’ve read and been contacted by people who are similar to me that carry on with their lives and some that are not just carrying on, but doing amazing things. So to let everyone know that we have cancer, but we are able to carry on I’m starting my own little Not Dead Yet campaign.

If you have cancer and want to join in to let people know that you are still alive and able to do things, simple add the logo that I have created below to either your emails or your blog/website and if you want to,  link it back to here to explain what it is or write you own explanation.

Lets make people aware, that just because we have cancer, doesn’t mean we are dead just yet! We are alive and probably more keen on living than most people and determined to continue to do as much as we can when we can.


Link to this address:

Keep smiling :)


  1. I like your comments. I would always talk to people with Cancer and about it as long as they wanted to. It is the way they can come to terms with it and also think positive. Keeping busy on things you really want to do can be a help. Many people have lived longer because of it. So all the best to you Sean Keep Happy it's the best Medicine C J

  2. No one knows the number of their days, with or without cancer, so I'm all for the Not Dead Yet society, thanks to Monty Python for pointing that out!

  3. I love it - in fact I love both the idea and the logo. Look out for it on a blog near me soon! :D

  4. Count me in! I'm not Dead Yet either

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  6. I am also Not Dead Yet, so yes, I totally hear what you're saying and agree with the basic sentiment, but I'm not sure if this logo/phrase is quite for me.

    I am very much living... that's why I consciously named my blog Jet Black Living. (It might also be because Jet Black was already taken.) I think though that the focus on Living rather than Not Dead Yet is quite a vital one for me... I know that my "active living", which I think is what you're talking about - conscious choosing, opting for opportunities, taking chances for fun and genuine connections with people, etc. - is what I do and that comes through in my writing and my living. :)

    So, let's carry on being truly alive!!!! x