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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Greatings everyone

Sean has kindly invited me to be his guest blogger. Sean, I thank you, and many happy returns for yesterdays wedding anniversary. I have so much to tell, so to get my sea legs, thought I would just summarise what is going on with me first of all, then bore you to death in future blogs - I have a book to write, and many stories to tell. I, like Sean, am not frightened of telling people how I feel, what I have been through, and will in future blogs, explain in detail (perhaps a little too much at times) of what is going on, and what has happened to me.

The year I became Ill. I had completed my first ever Triathalon in the May, turned 40 in the August, and on September 3rd, a chest infection, that just wouldnt budge, got hold of me (it is very strange how certain dates now stick in my head).

Inbetween then and now, I have had a huge journey, some good, some bad.

People say "oh your so brave", but its my hubby and children (aged 6 and 8), who are the bravest of all. I, in reality, have no choice. Its do or die!!

My illness, was first diagnosed as Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma; then the Docs changed their mind to Intravascular Lymphoma. I have or had no lumps or bumps, so its been a pretty rough ride.

My chemos have been R-Chop, Eschap, Beam followed by a bone marrow transplant, and then 6 months later, the BMT obviously failed, I am now undergoing more chemo. The main poison of this one is Methatrexate. But for the first time also, I still have my hair, only loosing the grey hairs!! The Docs call me a medical mystery, on more than one front.

So I have just had my 2nd Eidoram chemo, and on Thursday I had a bone marrow biopsy, as an out-patient, to see how my poor body is coping, and if need be, to take more chemo. For the first time I was asked if I wanted 'sedation'. I refused, as this was now my 5th, I think I will manage, thanks. Well it was the fastest extraction I have ever had, over and done with in 5 minutes. Yes there is pain involved. But once the anastetic wears off, you feel like you have been kicked in the back by a horse (Im still looking for that damm horse!).

The next morning was the sweetest, My 6 year old daughter saw I was struggling putting on my boots, and she took over, then as I was putting the house alarm on, and Daddy was getting them into the car, she ran round and opened my door!!!

I have not had too many days of crying over all of this - but that one made me cry!! Oh and also, that now that they actually can see this blummin thing quite clearly in my frontal lobe, I am not allowed to drive for 2 years. That hurt - its like the straw that broke the camels back!!

I will leave on a funny note. I had a couple of friends visit the other day, and I was moaning about the food (even tho I have been left with no sense of taste or smell - a story for another day); one suggested I take my own microwave into hospital!!!


  1. Well done Becky we look forward to hearing more from you and I know there are lots of funny stories to look forward to, as well as some amazing things you have gone through to get where you are today. I'm looking forward to them.

  2. Hi Becky, what considerate children you have obviously a credit to how you raised them but what a sod with the driving. Looking forward to hearing from you again. :D