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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Old addition to the family

I was going to put the title of this one as New addition to the family, but though people might think me and Charito have had a baby!!!!

No this one is definitely an Old addition. James my youngest son (previous marriage) has moved in with me and Charito. He used to live near me in Chester with his Mum and moved down to Shrewsbury to study there. Now no longer studying, I asked if he would like to move in with myself and Charito to help me out when I needed it. I’m glad to say he said yes and moved in on Wednesday.


James has already made a difference around the house as he has been helping me sort out some of the things in the attic and done all the lifting for me. Charito also appreciates the help with the house work that James is doing and she has given him regular chores to do which has helped Charito immensely, giving her that bit more time to do all the other things she is having to do at the moment (I will blog about those when I have more news about it, but watch this space..)

James has brought all of my magic equipment down from the attic and gathered all of my magic books together. For those that don’t know I have been doing Magic from a very early age, not the horrible witchy type of magic… the Close-Up magic that you see on TV with cards and coins etc. The problem with this hobby is that it takes a long time to practice to get things perfect so that it looks good. A two minute trick could take many hours, days even years to perfect. Now  I’ve accumulated quite a bit over the years and obviously I’m not really going to get a chance to use it now. So I thought why not benefit from it in some way. So everything is going on Ebay. James and I are currently cataloguing everything and taking photos, which will take us a while! Then a big part of my life will go on sale. I will have a reserve on it as I’m not willing for it to go for nothing. I will keep you informed of how it is going and let everyone know the link in case they know of someone that would be interested in it.

Oh nearly forgot to mention, James is looking for a job at the moment as well, so if you know of any Jobs in the Chester area let myself or James know. Shop work or Computing, even if it Part time at the moment it will help.

Thanks everyone, but mainly thanks to James for making such a move and helping his Dad so much. 


  1. so jim, you broke your dad!? Not!!!! List of chores, lifting and carrying. No sleeping in till 4p.m. Good on ya Sean!!!!! The heaviest thing he lifted at ours was his cup! Glad he is being of use and making both your lives easier. Better than rotting in his pit at mine. Well done Jimbo x x

  2. I want a James! :D