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Sunday, 13 March 2011

PAD on Monday going ahead

I’ve realised I haven’t given an update on how I got on at Thursdays hospital appointment, so here it is. I arrived usual 9am ish and went down to the ward. They did usual check and obs and examined my line to make sure it was ok, no problems with that. Took some bloods and sent them off. Then it was a matter of waiting to see what the results were.

For some reason all of the doctors were on a ward round in the next ward and nobody was available to have a look at any of the results, not just mine, but anyone else that was waiting. I’d asked for a printout of the results so that I could see what was happening to my bloods so I would have a good idea. I knew that if my neutrophils had gone up, there was good chance of everything going ahead on Monday. Although it took a while to get the printout, in fact only about half an hour before seeing the Doctor, they were looking good. My Neutrophils had gone up as predicted to 1.5, platelets 57  and my HB count was 9.1.  So things were looking OK. I didn’t need platelets as that was fine; however the blood count was on the border line and the nurse wasn’t sure if I would need blood or not. Anyway the answer soon arrived in Dr Lee, although it was more a case of him nodding and shaking his head when talking to the nurse that was updating my notes and referring back to him with them.  It was felt no blood was needed so I could go home and come back again on Monday for a busy day.

So Monday is my next appointment and providing nothing happens between now and then to stop me having my second cycle of Doxorubicin that we be attached to me for the next week in the pump. I will also have my Velcade on monday, which is easy to administer, just a an injection into my line – they have to make sure all of the usual blood counts are ok first and see if I need any bloods or platelets prior to the dox and velcade, so it’s a lot of waiting around for everything to be checked, mixed and administered. I will also start back on the Dexamethasone once I get a prescription for it, which is a bit of a pain (not literally) as I prefer to take that in the morning rather than the evening, but Monday I will have to take them when I get home.

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  1. I'm nearly catching up with you, my cycle 2 should start Friday. Glad your counts are better. :D