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Monday, 14 March 2011

Second PAD Cycle

Arrived at the hospital at about 9:15am, everything  was OK, my line was checked and cleaned and new dressing added, bloods taken and sent off, then settled down to wait.

I knew today was going to be a long day at the hospital from my last experience with Cycle one. The process is have bloods taken, wait for results, depending results, have bloods/platelets. Wait for Velcade to be made, wait for doxorubicin to made and then administer both if I’ve been given the go ahead from the Dr.

This time though I got the blood results back and it was good news. My counts were HB 9.3, so I still didn’t need to have blood, but my platelets were really good and have climed to 90, so no platelets needs. Even better was my Neutrophils which have now climed to 2.1, yippee. So overall it seems that the process is going well.

I still had to wait for the Doxorubicin to be made up, which for some reason take a very long time, I know that it is a slow process and they need to make sure that there is no air in it, but it took over 3 to 4 hours!

I finally got out of the hospital at 4:30pm.

doxorubicin pump

I have the pump fitted over four days, so it will be removed on Friday afternoon. I’m also back in Thursday for more Velcade. So I have two days off from the hospital. :)

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  1. As a fluffy female I obviously can't be trusted with anything so technical looking so I get my little ruby ball to store in my drug dealer's bum bag! ;D