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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Dexamethasone keeping me awake

Arrrrrhhhh – I didn’t get to take my Dex until about 3pm yesterday at the hospital as I had to wait for them to be prescribed. Now I can’t sleep.

I’ve been up since 3am. Catching up on blogs, doing some spreadsheets and catching up on emails that I have needed to write. So at least I’ve been making some good use of it. I can’t just lie in bed awake. I did try, but I started to think about work and that wasn’t a good thing. I end up getting stressed when I think about work. I think it’s because I worry too much. I was lying in bed thinking about what I had achieved over the last six years at work. Where it was when I started and where it was when I was initially signed off work and to be honest I don’t really know where it is up to now, but anyway needless to say I was getting stressed over it, so I just had to get up and did something else.

Going to get Charito up for work in a few minutes so thought I would just give a quick blog update before I do.

I’m going to write about about how you can follow me on Twitter etc later for those that don’t know how,  plus other ways to follow that I use to currently update family and friends. So if I don’t get around to it, leave me a comment and remind me as my memory isn’t working very well at the moment.

Anyway good news about this cycle and Dex is that I only have to be on it for four days and that’s it, which I think will be good. I also only have to take the Lansoprazole which is to stop stomach problems on the days I have the dex so another tablet I don’t need to take. So my tablet consumption is now only about 4 or 5 a day when not on the dex and 26 when I am. I still have to take the fluconazole on a daily basis, two tablets which is for fungal infections in the mouth (thrush). I’m suffering with sensitive gums at the moment and I’ve been prescribed some mouth wash to help as well. I bought some Listarine, but that was too harsh. I couldn’t eat any meet as I found it hard to chew over the weekend so I ended up having a meal of Mash and other veg with gravy and apple sauce! I’m also still taking my bonefos (sodium clodranate)

enough for now…. more later


  1. Excellent blog Sean,I had completley forgot about it until you mentioned it again last week. I think you need to 'advertise' it to other patients and staff and not for the modelling requests!

  2. After reading Dee's comment I now have an image of blog posts containing naughty nurses!

    I read somewhere about taking dex at night and it not interfering with sleep as much. The retired vicar I know tried it and says that it works for him. I however got about two hours sleep even on non dex days. :( Now I'm getting about nine! :D

  3. excellent and interesting blog which is very fresh