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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Another Good Result

I attended Chester hospital today to get my bloods checked and the results have come back good again.

HB: 9.9
Platelets: 41
Neuts: 2.4
Creatinine: 75
Urea: 11

I need to keep up the drinking of fluids as usual, but again I’m really pleased with the results and I’m actually feeling really good at the moment. So far the combination of Dexamethasone, Lenalidomide and the alternative remedies that I am adding slowly seem to be making a difference and I’m actually looking forward to finding out how my paraprotein is doing on the next test on Friday.


Monday, 30 January 2012

Amazing healing properties of Dark matter discovered

dark matterAs you are aware that over the last few weeks I have been having a clear out of my Attic. During this process I have been looking at various alternative methods of therapy for my Myeloma Cancer and trying different things.

Sometime you come across the unusual and and I’m a bit sceptical about anything new until I have tried it myself and done quite a bit of research into the benefits and properties they hold.

My latest discovery is what is called Dark Matter, which has several other names including ‘Space and Time’ and ‘The Nothingness’, ‘missing mass problem’

Lots of research has been done into this and Einstein and other like Kepler were leaders in the fields, although at the time didn’t realise the significance in the cancer healing properties.

Dynamical studies of the Universe began in the late 1950's. This meant that instead of just looking and classifying galaxies, astronomers began to study their internal motions (rotation for disk galaxies) and their interactions with each other, as in clusters. The question was soon developed of whether we were observing the mass or the light in the Universe. Most of what we see in galaxies is starlight. So clearly, the brighter the galaxy, the more stars, therefore the more massive the galaxy. By the early 1960's, there were indications that this was not always true, called the missing mass problem.

The first indications that there is a significant fraction of missing matter in the Universe was from studies of the rotation of our own Galaxy, the Milky Way. The orbital period of the Sun around the Galaxy gives us a mean mass for the amount of material inside the Sun's orbit. But, a detailed plot of the orbital speed of the Galaxy as a function of radius reveals the distribution of mass within the Galaxy. The simplest type of rotation is wheel rotation shown below.

Rotation following Kepler's 3rd law is shown above as planet-like or differential rotation. Notice that the orbital speeds falls off as you go to greater radii within the Galaxy. This is called a Keplerian rotation curve.

It is based upon this missing mass problem that I based my research.

So where is this missing mass?

After emptying the attic in the far corner I discovered under some old timbers a form of dark matter that was significantly darker than the blackness of the attic with the the lights completely out. I realised that I had come across some of the dark mark matter that has been missing.

As I am having a complete clear out, I though I would bottle some of this and sell it on ebay. It has some great healing properties, called ‘Time’ and can be used in various ways, either applying a small dose to the affected area and leaving overnight, or as long as you wish, or internally taking small sips as often as you like as long as it is taken in a completely darkened room.

Please see my eBay offer to purchase these online

I could have done with discovering this earlier and maybe used the missing time to do something more significant over the last couple of years, rather than having treatment that hasn’t worked. Although I had no choice really; and until I discover and bottle the illusive Hindsight we all need to make decisions that affect our future and the ‘Time’ that we have left.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Revlimid Cycle 2

Although this is my first cycle of Revlimid after the transplant, because I was on it for about three weeks prior to transplant, they are calling this cycle 2.

Yesterday was day 15 of the 21 day cycle. Up  until yesterday, I have had low platelet counts and required blood. From the blood test I had done yesterday though, it looks as though it is holding. Well least my bloods are anyway. I came out of the appointment feeling a bit more positive.

My HB was 9.9 and platelets 29, which is good for me and I don’t need anything over the weekend. I really thought I was going to have to go back in again today (Saturday) to have a top up of either blood or platelets. More good news is that my Creatinine level is within the normal range, it hasn’t been there for a very long time, if at all!

So what is it that is making a difference now, well I’m not 100% convinced it is just the Dexamethasone and Lenalidomide that is making a difference. I think I mentioned I was looking at the healthy options of treating Myeloma and in the past I’ve told you about the Sessamin, well I’ve started taking that on a regular basis as well

I will be posting more about my findings and what I’m taking, but it looks quite promising what I have found out. As a quick overview this is what I am taking so far, but this might change as I do more and more research into the different vitamins, herbs and minerals.

- Sessamin three times a day

- Vitamin D one daily

- Omega 3

- Milk Thistle

- Turmeric/Curcumin

- Green Tea

These are the things I’m taking regularly now, I have lots of other things as well that I’m dabbling with and I will let you know if they make  difference. I’ve bought various different products so that I can try out  the Raw whole grain cerial. – I’ve got a document that you can have  look at with all of the various wheat's etc.

The first time I made this though it came out far too thick, so I need to change a few things to get it right. Also need to make it a bit more exciting to eat as it was like chewing on plain flower. I’ve got some other products to add to it so once I have got something that works and tastes ok,  I will give you an update.

Even more good news yesterday, do you remember I enquired about the CD44 Protein. Dr Robert Orlowski’s lab had shown …

… in earlier research that a protein CD44 plays a role in interfering with the drug, and its presence usually indicates a poor outlook for the patient.

Well my results came back and I don’t have it, so at least one less thing I need to worry about.

Talking about Dr Robert Orlowski, I was speaking to Dr Salim about the DCA and the myeloma patient that Dr Orlowski has who is trying out the DCA, and he was enquiring if I had heard anything yet. I’d already sent a message to Robert asking if he had an update as he asked to me get in touch in a few weeks to find out how he was doing. I realise he is a very busy person and probably wouldn’t get around to replying to me for a while, but strangely enough, later on that day he did.

At 1st visit after DCA therapy he had a decrease in the M-protein. It will be interesting to see what happens at next visit.

I will continue to monitor what is happening with the patient and give the DCA a go if it seems to be effective in the treatment of Myeloma.

So I continue to have quite a few options open to me at the moment, so as always staying positive and looking on the bright side…. Talking of which…

Always look on the bright side of life. … I’m still waiting for all of your video clips to arrive so that I can create my little montage. I have received a few videos through, but not as many as I as hoping, please help me out or it will be a very small montage!


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Attic attack

James my youngest son came to help me sort all of the things out in the attic over the last few days.

He arrived late Sunday and we spent Monday bringing everything down from the attic. We then started to label item with green and red stickers, green things we are to keep and red things I’m going to sell on eBay. I didn’t need a third sticker, contrary to James’ idea to throw things away, as we were going to throw them away anyway, what would be the point of putting a sticker on them!

We didn’t get a chance to label them all up on the Monday and the plan was that on the Tuesday would be.

Go to Liverpool for my appointment. I would need

- Bloods taken (about an hour once sorted with other patients)

- Platelets (already ordered so should only taken 30 minutes)

- Pentamidine (takes about 30 minutes as well)

no clinic or seeing doctors so should get home early.

Arrive at Liverpool at about 9:45 to 10:15am and expected to be out at the very latest by 12:30 ish to 1pm.

Then once we get back home have something to eat and finish off labelling all the attic bits and bobs and then take any rubbish bits to the tip/recycling on the way out to pick Charito up.

James wanted to learn how to cook the Spaghetti Bolognese that Charito makes (or at least have another update as he forgot how to do it the last time she taught him)

So once we got home the plan was he was going to cook as Charito helped him and then I would take him to the train station to go home after we had eaten.

However the best laid plans never work out….

I arrived at the hospital as planned 10am. Gill was on holiday and boy did we miss her. The Unit staff had to cover the day ward as well as look after their patients on the ward. You can definitely tell when Gill is off. Now normally everything would have been sorted and Gill would be her very efficient self and have everything and everybody scheduled in and it would work like clock work (most of the time).

to cut a very long story short, I ended up having four different nurses manage me and got out of the the hospital at 3pm only to have to travel over to Chester to have another cross match done for some bloods today (Wednesday). By the time I’d finished at all of the hospitals it was nearly time to pick Charito up from work, so James and I hung around a bit and then picked her up. So we never got to finish the attic labelling, so the house is a bit of mess still.

James did manage to prepare the food though that was lovely and it’s been a great help him being here.

I’ve been very tired with my blood being low and I need to drink more. They are checking my U & A results again today as they were abnormal as I haven’t been drinking as much fluids, probably because I’ve spent so much time at the hospital and don’t get to drink as much as I do when I am at home.

So another long day at Chester today and should be out by about 3pm after two units of bloods, but at least I will have a bit more energy.

Back at Liverpool on Friday, but I have clinic on that day as well, so not sure when I will get out. Which leaves tomorrow (Thursday) to do things I need to do, that is if something else doesn’t go wrong with my plans. I have a new car now that I need to get to the garage to get a few jobs done, that was supposed to happen today! oh well!

I will write about my car ordeal another time.

… come back soon Gill we miss you.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Just a carer

Bird_0082-EditWelcome to all the new subscribers to my email newsletters that I have recently had, it’s good to have you on board.

I must mention Jules and Stuart Rubin, Stuart has subscribed and kindly sent me an email letting me know that it is Jules that has Multiple Myeloma and he is Just the carer. I think this shows how great these carers are, not realising how important they are to partners and the support they provide. I get to meet a lot of partners/carers at the oncology and I’ve noticed they all have the same things in common and that is how humble they are and just seem to get on with things. Without carers, both to help us physically and mentally, I’m not really sure what we would do.

At the moment, with me being on 40mg of Dexamethasone a day, my emotions are all screwed up and I’m having terrible mood swings, snapping at Charito for stupid things and then getting upset for no reason. It is hard for me to cope with, yet somehow Charito and I’m sure lots of other carers manage to look past all of this and still support us, even though I’m sure at times they feel like shouting back at us and giving up, I certainly wouldn’t blame them.

So are you just a carer …. Never let it be said, you are all wonderful people that deserve more praise and certainly could do with more financial assistance than you currently get to help the likes of myself and Jules. They put the time and effort in to make us all feel that bit better on a daily basis. So on behalf of all Cancer patients can I say a big thank you to all of you carers out there and never think that you are unappreciated, we may not say it at time due to our illness, but be assured you are all much loved.

Many thanks, Just a Myeloma patient x

Thursday, 19 January 2012

DCA enquiry


I received this comment on my blog today.. on the post I did called

DCA – Sodium Dichloroacetate

my uncle was diagnosed with grade III astrocytoma (glioma) in the right occipitotemporal region of the brain, following a solitary seizure attack in july 2009. the tumor was excised on 11 jan 2010 and histological reports revealed grade III astrocytoma. following the surgery, he was treated with IMRT radiation (novalis) and timazolamide. in jan 2011, the mri revealed contrast enhancement of a very small area in the surgical site. subsequent GHA scan also showed slight uptake in the same area. presently, we gave stereotactic radiotherapy (novalis) with effect from 3rd feb consisting of 5 cycles.
on 17th july 2011, again an mri scan was done which showed a slight activity in the anterior aspect of the excised tumor cavity apart from the posterior activity already detected. We started him on avastin in October 2011 thinking the tumor may have progressed to GBM. He has responded well to 7 doses at the interval of 15 daysI was wondering if we could start him on DCA with avastin.
thanks and regards

It was received from an anonymous person, so I apologise for not using your name. I’m hoping that you are just a little confused and I haven’t misled anyone in anyway. I am not a medical person is any shape or form, everything I have learned and posted on here is are either my own thoughts on subject or have been reposted from web sites that I used as a resource. I am not qualified to give advice on the subject of your uncle. Hopefully though someone who reads this blog is and maybe they can help you out with some advice. I’m happy for them to leave a message here for you so that you can monitor the comments and please keep us all up to date so I know that are thoughts are with you.

I would like to know of as many people as possible that are using DCA as I am thinking of using it myself. has a Myeloma patient that I will be following to see how things go and keep everyone informed once I have an update.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

How height, weight and age influence getting signed by an agency



How height, weight and age influence getting signed by an agency

If you are under 5’8″, above a size 4 dress, or over the age of 20, your chances of getting signed by a major market high fashion/runway agency is as likely as winning the lottery and getting attacked by a gang of ninjas in the same 24 hour period.


The hard reality of wanting to become a model

I need your help

Sorry about looking so miserable and tired in this clip – It’s because I’m so bloody miserable and tired during the making of this clip! Not much sleep and recently got back from the hospital and not feeling my usual cheery self because of the tablets.

Anyway, click through and see if you can get involved and help me out. I want as many people to join in as they can even if I don’t know you (yet).



Saturday, 14 January 2012

Thank you to Prof Kevin Morgan and the BBC

My usual routine in the morning is to get up go the toilet and then either myself or Charito make me a drink and then I go on the computer for a number hours while Charito goes back to bed! Why? because my normal wake up time has been about 4am in the morning and once I wake up I can’t get back to sleep. Sometimes it’s worse. I try staying up till 1am and then I’m awake at 3am. I’ve tried just lying there and going back to sleep but I can’t.

Yesterday however I saw a News Items by Tim Muffett from the BBC regarding insomnia and although I wouldn’t consider that I have insomnia per se I have been finding it difficult. Tim interviewed an expert Prof Kevin Morgan Director of the Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University

The Article:

Is enough being done to help people with insomnia?

One of Prof Kevin Morgan’s suggestions was to repeat the word ‘THE’ over and over again at irregular intervals – “the mind space required to do this blocks out almost everything else” . I used this each time I woke up. Yes I still woke up at silly times, but I lay back down again and used this method to try and get back to sleep. It worked like a dream (pun intended). I can only remember thinking about it for a few minutes. I was really surprised when I woke up on the last occasion at 6:30am.

Thank you Prof Morgan and the Tim Muffett for reporting on this issue.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 13th, what else should I expect but more bad news!

I got my results from the bone marrow aspiration that I had taken last Tuesday. It was to find out why my bloods have been so low and my platelets. Was it option ‘A’ the the affects of the transplant or option ‘B’ due to the tablet regime I’m currently on or finally option C the Myeloma is so bad in my  bone marrow  that it is causing these problems.

And the answer as expected is the that the Myeloma is so aggressive that 95% of the cells in the sample taken were Myeloma cells. Which proves how aggressive the Myeloma is in my body. Hence the prognosis I have been given.

I have been prescribed the new Lenalidomide plus Dexamethasone regime which I will start today. They are giving me a very high dose of Dex 40mg a day. This will hopefully reduce the paraprotein and start to see some of the good cells fighting back. There are a lot of risks of infection while I’m on theses and I will immunocompromised and required to avoid people with any kind of illness and places where there are lots of people in case I catch an infection, that could be fatal to me. No point getting to my grave early, just because I want to buy a KitKat from ASDA (please note KitKat’s are available from other large retailers).

Now I’m not superstitious at all, touch wood! If I was I must be one of the unluckiest people around. I don’t need it to be Friday 13th. I could choose any day and I would still have as much bad luck.

Isn’t it about time I had some of the good stuff. I’m not fussy as long as it involves winning the lottery, enough to buy myself the Ferrari F458 Spider. Talking of cars, I will be selling my car shortly. So if anyone is interested in buying a bright yellow Toyota Celica T Sport then make me an offer.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

The world would be a better place

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if all the young ones grew up like this little girl

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Staying positive and looking forward to a good year

I just thought I would give an update on how I feel about the image I posted for life expectancy. Although it isn't nice to see and is depressing, Im not going to let a few words on a piece of paper convince me that this is my last year on this planet. As you know I'm looking into various alternatives to contemporary medicines and I may be starting on my last line of defence for myeloma treatment in the usual way, but I'm only just starting on the alternatives. Sessamin being the first one, it will be interesting to see what happens.
I'm at Chester at the momment having blood I also need more platelets so having two units of blood and one bag of platelets. I should be finished by about 4pm.

More bloods


I’ve been at the hospital most of the day today or should I say hospitals as I had to go two of them.

Note: This should have been posted on Tuesday, but didn’t get around to it until this morning Wednesday, so the blood I am is today is Wednesday

The results of my bone marrow aren’t back yet, so I still have to wait to find out what is going on with my body and bone marrow before moving forward with the Lenalidomide treatment. The test I asked for to see if I had this CD44 protein that could inhibit the effectiveness of the Lenalidomide wasn’t back either. My HB is low so I need another couple of units of blood again hence I had to go over to Chester once I had finished at Liverpool hospital to have a cross match done ready for tomorrow.

My temp yesterday was up and down and was spiking at 38, but seems ok today. I had a chest X-Ray done, just in case and they have put me on oral Antibiotics, rather than keep me in thank goodness. I also have had my Pentamidine  today as well. I had to go back up to the day clinic on 10z to have some line cultures done as well, just in case I had an infection in the line, but I don’t think that is the case.

So I finally got out of the hospital at about 3:30 I gave another day clinic patient a lift home as I was passing near his home on the way to Chester. He had been waiting nearly two hours for his taxi/ambulance to turn up!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Life Expectancy

I had to get the Dr to fill in a form for me today for that I needed to be completed by my medical team and stamped with and official stamp.

below is one of the questions and reply. It really hits home, when you see it written down, even though I’m under no illusion of how serious my prognosis is.


I just had to share this


It made me laugh out loud (LOL – it really did!)


Friday, 6 January 2012

Next appointment update

Just called the hospital. My platelets are low so I’m going back in to hospital tomorrow to get topped up. I thought they might be as I have a nose bleed and the bruising is starting to come out. Also the hole for the bone marrow aspiration bled quite a bit and took longer than usual to try up.

At least I will be topped up again and should have Sunday at home.

I need to call them in the morning just to make sure they have them, so I also don’t need to set off as early and it means Charito will be able to come with me as she would have finished work by then.


Unfortunately I wasn’t reviewed by my usual team of doctors today I had another one that I have only seen once before. He went through the usual things etc but didn’t really know me so I couldn’t discuss the DCA or the CD44 with him properly. Although I did bump into Dr Salim outside who the other doctor had a quick word with when I gave him the documentation with the links on and a printout of the article. I think Dr Salim was surprised (as I was) that the Dr that I am in touch with from twitter is quite high up in the Myeloma research world.

I think they initially thought I was in contact with some quack Dr that was trying out new age things etc. It will be very interesting to find out how the patient is getting on with the DCA in a few weeks, Dr Salim seemed quite keen to find out as well.

I will have a proper discussion with them about the CD44 protein on Tuesday I hope. When I had my bloods taken today, I also requested a CD44 test, which they are doing for me. I’m not sure when I will find this out, it might be later on today when I call to find out what my bloods are doing. I didn’t wait around today, otherwise I would still be there now! (15:53)

If you recall I was supposed to have my bone marrow aspartate done by the transplant coordinator today, who promised me that it wouldn’t hurt when she does it. Well guess what, she was off ill today (which incidentally isn’t liker her). I though when I was told I was going to get away with not having it, but no. One of the Dr from my medical team, Elizabeth was going to do it. Again I was told it shouldn’t hurt.

So I went into one of the rooms on the ward and Elizabeth did the trephine and aspiration, which I’m very pleased to say didn’t hurt that much at all. It was nothing compared to the last two I had; those were the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life, this one was very easy. It hurt when they first put the aesthetic in and then a couple of times during but it was bearable. So a gold start to Elizabeth for keeping to her word.

I’m back in again on Tuesday, but I might be in before then depending on my bloods today which I will give them a call about as soon as I finished this. Oh look I’ve finished.

10 Foods That Prevent Cancer | Yahoo! Health

I eat quite a lot of these already especially the garlic :)

10 Foods That Prevent Cancer | Yahoo! Health


Keys to Unlocking Multiple Myeloma Resistance


Multiple myeloma resistance overcome

I will be discussing this article with the doctors today to see what they can do and to find out if I have the CD44 protein which interferes with the Lenalidomide if I have it, then the outcome doesn’t look good!

Incidentally the research was done by the same doctor that I am in touch with regarding the DCA – Dr Robort Orwloski M.D, Ph.D, professor and head of the Multiple Myeloma Section in MD Anderson's Department of Lymphoma and Myeloma.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Good News


I was at the hospital yesterday and had some really good news. My paraprotein was 38 and is now 31. Although it is still high and shouldn’t be at that level straight after transplant, at least it has come down rather than going up!

It was a good day for me yesterday all together, I felt well and even went for a a walk around town, all be it very short and tried to avoid contact as much as possible with people. I dropped some books off at a Oxfam, well Charito did, I stayed in the car for that and had a relaxing evening as well.

I had a good laugh on the day ward as well. There was a patient there who I hadn’t met before called John; he had me laughing so much it hurt. He was very funny and should be on a stage. Me and Jill the nurse just couldn’t stop laughing. Now this is a real positive person, when I tell you that he has Hodgkin's lymphoma and the prognosis doesn’t look good, but not only that his father and brother also had it. I say had it as all three of them were in for transplant at the same time and unfortunately they both passed away. He also has two sisters that have had other forms of cancer. His case is so unique that it is the first time that they are looking into it being hereditary as two people could be a coincidence, but three people, highly unlikely. Yet John is so positive it is unbelievable. It’s good to meet people like him as it makes other patients, including myself feel much better especially after laughing. I’ve met some really miserable people with cancers that are curable/treatment or even in complete remission that are so miserable and depressing that you just want to avoid, even though I’ve tried cheering them up. Sometimes you feel like shaking some of them and shouting at them ‘Cheer up it could be a lot worse, look at other people like John and Me. At least you have a chance of survival’ I would swap my cancer for theirs and I’m sure others would as well.

There is a Charity party in February that I would love to go to. I’m going to discuss with the doctors nearer the time. There will be the usual patients there and and it’s all in aid of getting funding for 10z Transplant Unit. It’s been organised by one of the patients are young girl who has undergone a transplant. She has already got £10,000 pound from a bank and is hoping to raise a lot more. The entertainment is being supplied by various people, including some of the patients and family members who have various skills like singers and bands. Some of John family are in a band and they will do a slot as well. If I can go I will try and seek him out, that is if my stomach can take the belly laughs.

Enough of my ramblings for now, otherwise I would go on for ages about the cramps I’ve been having or finding out that Cyclosporine might be causing it or that now I have come off the Cyclosporine altogether etc etc.

More blogging soon…  

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Am I the medical establishment’s first priority?

Am I the medical establishment’s first priority?

Snip tweeted this to me, good to know I'm not the only one who think maintenance is more important to the companies that make the tablets, rather than looking into a cure.

Multiple Myeloma–Is a cure being looked for?

I’ve just read an article that discusses a dying Myeloma patient, who unfortunately passed away on the 1 January Alessandro Liberati, the Head of the Italian Cochrane Network.

Liberati concluded one of his last communications this way: “Patient advocacy groups in myeloma spend millions to support research, hoping to promote better care. With public support they should be in a strong position to call for a redefinition of the research agenda, in the interests of patients.”

The article goes on to talk about the pharmaceutical companies doing most of the research into Myeloma treatment and providing most of the funding. This leads me to believe that a cure for Myeloma is less likely to be be founds by any of the research that they do and much more likely by Scientist at Universities. The reason being is that if a cure was found then the pharmaceutical companies lose billions of pounds/dollars. They wouldn’t appreciate a cure at all!

Is that harsh to think like that, I don’t think so. Businesses are there to make a profit, they are not going to be looking into spending millions on researching and development that they wouldn’t get their investment back on.

My recent post about the DCA – Sodium Dichloroacetate shows that the funding is in the wrong place. DCA seems to be getting great results in various cancers and yet doesn’t have the funding, you have got to ask the question ‘Why?’ and the answer is greedy corporations. Yes the drugs they are using now are much better that they were years ago and the prognosis for Myeloma patients is they are surviving longer than they used to, but eventually the majority of them die. If the same amount of Money was spent on looking for a cure, rather than a treatment, would myself and others with Myeloma be in the situation we are today. My personal thoughts are no, they would have a cure by now.

As you have probably guessed I’m now looking at various other options for treatment myself, rather than just rely upon the formal processes that I have gone through and don’t see to be effective on me. I don’t want to start on the Lenalidomide, only to find out that in a few months that it doesn’t work and they have used up all the options that the hospital provides and for them to say to me – It’s time to think about palliative care and sort your final affairs out; then be left with nothing. I’d much rather be prepared – I have nothing to lose if they don’t work, but much to gain if they do.

I will let you know how my research goes and will post any new therapies that I discover. I’ve just started a discussion with a doctor in the US about a patient he has that has just started using DCA who has Myeloma. He has asked me to contact him in a couple of weeks to see how he is getting on, which will be very interesting to me.

Monday, 2 January 2012

DCA – Sodium Dichloroacetate

Is this the cure for cancer that they don’t tell you about.

It’s been around for quite a while, but because the pharmaceutical companies can’t make any money out of it as a patent can’t be applied due to the fact that it is is a molecule, they aren’t interested in providing funding and research.

Dr Michelakis and Archer of the University of Alberta seem to be the only ones that are doing any research at all into this, but find it hard to get the funding needed for complete studies.

You can read all about it at and can purchase it from

Its seems remarkable how people are using to cure brain tumours and breast cancer as well as lymphoma.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anyone who has tried it for Myeloma. I don’t mind being the first to find out it cures that as well though, so I may even consider this as an option for me. What have I got to lose. I’m certainly going to have a discussion with my medical team about it, to see what they say.

New Years Eve


Great little video.


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Stem Cell Extraction–Video

I finally got around to joining the videos together that Nigel my brother took of his Stem Cell Extraction.

The bag of cells was then infused to me, although I was a bit out of it at the time. I had a new line fitted and radio therapy and then the cells infused. I remember being sick, but not much else.

Is Myeloma Curable


Will a cure be found for myeloma? A debate at the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute, UAMS, Little Rock, Ark.

Part One

Part Two A

Part Two B

Part Three A

Part Three B