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Friday, 29 January 2010

Dex has definitely worn off

Well the the effects of the steroids have worn off now again. I’m feeling rather tired again and completely exhausted this evening.

After finishing work this afternoon, I went to town to meet Charito (my wife). I did a little shopping met Charito, a little more shopping and then went to Asda for some food shopping and off to home. My feet were hurting and tingling and I found it wasn’t as easy to breath.

By the time I got home I was very thirsty and just wanted to rest.

How did I forget I was on holiday?

Well today was my last day at work before having my two week holiday… so I thought….

Actually yesterday was my last day, but I forgot that I had booked the Friday off as well until one of the project managers came over to see me and actually said to me ‘Your off now for a couple of weeks aren’t you?'” – I said no I’m in tomorrow! We then had a conversation and I realised that I had booked the Friday off as well but I had forgot!!!

I hadn’t finished all that I wanted to get done before having the time off, so I went into work this morning to make sure everything was up to date and handed over.

That will teach me to always look at my diary!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Two more days to go

IMG_0887 Only two more days to go at work and then I am off for two weeks. I’m really looking forward to it. I could do with seeing how I am at home rather than at work. Then I can decide what I should do.

Been very busy at work – I’m having to do three peoples roles at the moment and it is just too much. When I originally decided to continue to go to work while having my treatment I had agreed that I would only do as much as I could and attend only in a consultancy capacity as it would be too much for me to deal with the Cancer regime as well as cope with the day to day stresses and workload. However as previously mentioned that hasn’t quite worked out like it was supposed to and I am continually being given more and more work to do.

I have told them that I am evaluating if I should go off on the sick and just stay at home and rest. So the next two weeks are going to interesting to see if I find it easier or worse at home and not going to work.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I love Dexamethazone

I’m on my second day of my Dexamethazone 4 day cycle. I always feel so much better while I’m on them. It give me the lift I need to get through the day. I still get tired when going up and down stairs but I have more energy than normal and I can concentrate a little more as well. 

Then end of the week I will be back to normal though – Normal at the moment is lack of energy, aching all over and no concentration. Especially on Thursdays and Fridays. Thursdays being my Chemo day and feeling sick and Friday still have the sickness feeling. By Saturday I will just feel very tired. But at least I am off work then for two weeks.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Busy day at work

Work was busy for me today.  Very tired in the morning and didn’t get to sit at my desk until after lunch. Fortunately I started on the Dexamethazone today which helped get me through the day. So hopefully should have a bit of energy for the next few days.

I got an update from HR and basically I will get paid the same amount of money if I am on the sick or if I stay in work, so at least I don’t have to worry about that which is good and I’m very thankful that they have done that for me. I know a lot of people will say its and easy choice and go on the sick, but that’s not me. I’m very committed to doing my best in whatever I do and I don’t like to let people down especially the team, but I’m not going to do anything that makes me feel worse. So I’m going to see how this week goes I’m then off for a couple of weeks. I was supposed to be in Peru, but obviously cancelled that but the time was previously booked off so still having the time off at home. then when I go back I will see how the following week or two goes and then make a decision as to what I am going to do.

Weekend OK

The weekend was ok I didn’t go anywhere, only stayed at home. I was a little tired, but not too bad. I was quite happy not to be at work so I enjoyed the weekend and sorted out some things in the office (spare room) before next week. James is coming to stay for a couple of weeks so trying make a little more room for the spare bed to open up.

Friday, 22 January 2010

How much more

Had a few moments today where I felt sick, but after a few moment, the feeling went by. Work is getting more and more stressful – I’m not sure how much more I can take on a daily basis. I have had a meeting with HR to discuss going on the sick and they will be getting back to me early next week.

When I first found out I had Cancer and started on the Chemo therapy they agreed that I only need to do as much as I could and not to do too much. It seems that some are not aware of this and I’ve been given more to do, which quite frankly I’m not really capable of doing at the moment, at least not with the full commitment that I would like. I don’t have the concentration or feel up to working a normal day, let alone taking on more work!

So I need to make a decision – do I go on the sick now or continue to push myself to do more than I am doing now!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Lack of Sleep and Chemo

I didn’t sleep very well last night. I don’t know why, but I was just lying there awake. I did consider getting up and trying to read, but that isn’t something that I can do much of when I’m wide awake  at the moment with my concentration levels the way they are, so decided to stay in bed and try and get back to sleep. I did manage to drop off a few times, but not for long. Every time I looked at the clock I was hoping it was much later (or earlier) than it was.

By the time the alarm went off, I really wanted to stay in bed! I forced myself to get up and made my way to the bathroom, which is only about 15 foot away from my bed, but felt like 15 miles. I’m just exhausted!

Today is my Chemo day as well, so I don’t anticipate that I will feel better later on. I’ve decided to have the day off work today. With feeling tired to start with and taking my Cyclophosphomide I really don’t think I’m going to be of any use to anyone today. I’d rather be at home feeling ill than in work wishing I was at home. At least here I can go to bed whenever I feel like it for a rest.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Two Blogs Only One About Cancer.

I thought I would let you all know that I have another blog that you may want to follow or have a look at. It has nothing to do with Myeloma cancer. It is more about general things – some technical and some just observations. I will be adding tutorials etc to this blog so if  you would like a quick guide to something that you can’t find anywhere else, let me know and I will see if I can write one for you. You can find the blog here 

If you follow me on Twitter I will be posting updates on there as well as tweeting about other things.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Tiring day with pins and needles

Today is a tiring day. Not done much, but yesterday I started to feel as though my chest was hurting  like asthma and today it has carried on. I’m tired when walking and my fingers and feet are tingling.

I think it is a combination of a number of things. The Pentamidine the increase in Thalidomide and my general fatigue. As mentioned yesterday, I was told that the Pentamidine could cause a side effects like asthma and I’m pretty sure that is what it is; however as I am the only one in the family who doesn’t have or ever had asthma it is hard to tell, but from what people have told me I imagine this is what it is like (although I’m sure it is much worse for real sufferers).

The tingling is related to the Thalidomide. I have had it before and it normally goes away after a day or two when they adjust the amount I take. I started off on 100mg a night I’m now on 200mg. It makes my feet, hands (including fingers), lips and tongue feel as though it has pins and needles.

The general tiredness/fatigue is a bit of a pain as well. I was hoping that now my blood count is going back up I wouldn’t be as tired on a daily basis. It is a struggle to get from my desk to the canteen to get a drink, but I know if I don’t do some exercise it will only get worse. A little is better than none at all.

I could quite easily stay at home and rest and relax which I can do if I want. I have already arranged to only go into work when I feel like it. I think I’m doing quite well going in as much as I have done. I can’t really concentrate much and I know I’m not as pro-active as I was when I was well. For me though I would rather be of a little use in the office than no use at home just vegetating in front of the TV.

Personally I need to push myself that little bit or I will just give up and think what’s the point – little day to day challenges are what keeps me going. 

… talking of challenges … I’m off for a long walk to the canteen to get a coffee.  

Monday, 18 January 2010

Dexamethazone and being tired

The Dexamthazone is wearing off now. I’m feeling tired and can’t concentrate much. I’m not sure if the Septrin I had is making a difference as well. They said I would feel as though I have asthma, but I though that was just on the day of me taking it – maybe not as when I have gone up and down the stairs or walking any distance I’m completed shattered and have a bit of the shakes.

It’s hard to think that it could be about 2 years before I get my strength back properly after the transplant – one of my goals after the transplant is to make sure that I get fitter and lose some weight. By the time I have my full energy back I’m hoping that I wont be as fat – I’ve put quite a bit of weight on my stomach and face. I think I have a triple chin now, never mind a double one.  I’m not worrying about that too much at the moment, I don’t mind being fat and OK as long as I’m OK.

Parachute Jump Update

Amy has asked me to post a request asking for anyone who would like to do the parachute jump to contact her.  She will  be registering for it at the end of February so will need a £50 deposit to secure a place and some other details from you such as age, height etc. She has some forms that need to be filled in as well.

If you would like to register or need further information you can contact Amy at or leave a comment on here and she will get back to you or I can give you her mobile number on request.

Many thanks for supporting Myeloma Research and I hope that as many people can either join in to raise fund or sponsor those that are going to do the jump.

Amy perhaps you would like to leave a comment to say when you are thinking of actually doing the jump. – :-)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Chemo Hair Loss

So far I have had about 6 doses of Cyclophosphomide without any major side effects (e.g. hair loss). The Chemo in tablet form doesn’t normally cause the normal hair loss associated with chemo therapy, which has been quite good when at work, as I think the majority of people don’t know I have cancer and certainly aren’t aware I’m currently undergoing the regime I am with the chemo therapy. They probably just think I’m getting lazy ;-)

When I have the high dosage of Chemo – this will be via a central line and not in tablet form. It will obviously be different and I will lose my hair and will be more obvious to others. It doesn’t bother me that I will be losing my hair and if I shaved it off today wouldn’t be an issue, apart from the cold! It’s good to know though what to expect. I wasn’t sure if I would lose my eyebrows, which would make it look weird or come to think of it would I no longer look like I have guerrilla arms (I have hairy arms) or legs and other parts of my body.  After doing a little research there isn’t really a definitive answer as it depends on the individual and how they react to the treatment. Below is a bit of information from the BUPA web site. 

The level of your hair loss depends on a number of factors such as the type of chemotherapy you have, the dose you receive and your sensitivity to treatment. You may:

  • lose no hair at all
  • notice a thinning of your hair
  • lose patches of hair
  • lose all of your hair
  • lose hair from other parts of your body too, such as your eyebrows and eyelashes

Typically, if you have hair loss, it will happen gradually and usually starts around two to three weeks after treatment begins.

If you lose your hair due to chemotherapy, it will grow back once you have completed your chemotherapy cancer treatment.


… So I will just have to wait and see. At least I have something to look forward too! :D

Side effects of Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Treatment

I have just been looking around to find information about the high dose chemo therapy prior to having my transplant and found this list of side effects. It doesn’t answer what I was looking for, but thought it would be useful for everyone to have a read of, so they know what I will be going through and what to expect.

Cancer Research: Side effects of bone marrow and stem cell treatment

just in case you are wondering I was looking to find out if during the high dose chemo I would lose all of my hair from all of my body and how long after having the dosage does it occur. If I find out I will add another blog message about it.

Saturday in Chester

We went shopping in Chester yesterday – It wasn’t too cold and I was feeling ok and not too tired. I had a few things on the list that I wanted to buy, but as always end up buying other things that weren’t on the list.

After a few hours of walking around I got rather tired so we went to a cafe for a drink and a rest before starting again.

As usual I probably did more that I should have and completely shattered by the time I got home.

Went to bed early last night and slept really well – haven’t done that for a while either – So feeling ok at the moment. It is the last day of the Dexamethazone again today.  I’m finding I have a little more energy now that my blood count is creeping back up towards the normal levels (not as anaemic).

I haven’t got any plans for today. I will try and catch up on some studying. I have a loads of new books that I haven’t read yet that are mounting up, so will try to make a start on them while I can concentrate.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Pentamidine the things they don’t tell you

I went to the hospital today to have  my Pentamidine for the first time. It is taken via a nebuliser as mentioned in my previous post. thought I was going down to the ward to have the nebuliser, when I say ward, you would have to understand the layout of the Oncology.  It is reception then down a small corridor of about 20 feet on the left some offices where we speak to the consultants and then the ward which (so called) consists of six beds then another room of that for transfusion ( a very modern room quite space age looking).

Anyway – it wasn’t on the ward, it was in the phlebotomy room, which I forgot to mention is just before the reception desk on the left as you go in. I normally have my blood taken in there prior to seeing the consultant. The reason they do in in that room is that it has an extraction unit that they attach the nebuliser to so that the first are not kept to minimal (first alarm bell ringing) she explained that because it is quite strong they don’t want to breath it in being a very strong antibiotic. OK I thought I can accept that.

I asked how long it would take – it is done in two parts, the first is ventolin to open up the airways and takes about 5 minutes. The second is the Pentamidine which takes about 10 minutes, but she said it’s basically depends on me and if I want to stop and start it (second alarm bell – why would I want to do that?)

she went on to say that the Pentamidine can feel as though it is burning the back of my throat if I take deep breaths (here we go … the bad news) but if I breath normally I should be ok (good to know). Next warning try not let the fumes get in your eyes as it may irritate them. They gave me some water and napkins as it will make your mouth dry.

Prior to starting the machine she showed me how to turn it on and   off. Very difficult you have to press the only switch on the box marked on and off! The next alarm bell was about to ring. After showing me how to turn it on and off, she said she would be leaving before I start it and closing the door. OMG how bad can this stuff be… I was about to find out.

Sure enough the ventolin was fine and nothing special I easily got used to breathing it in. Then when I came to have the Pentamidine it started off ok-ish the taste was revolting, they don’t mention that. After a few breaths it started to get worse it is completely disgusting. I know why they give you water and napkins now. If I had known prior to arranging it for today I wouldn’t have agreed to have it. Today is my Chemo day as well and on the anti sickness drugs but still feel queasy even when taking them and not really up for adding anything else that could make me sick. I had to stop the nebuliser several times as I thought I may puke and drank water and wiped my mouth with the napkins.

It took longer than 10 minutes to inhale it all, more like 30 or 40 minutes. She said once I finish it to just put it on the side and go home. I drank lots of water after finishing and I was shaking a lot as well.

I went to the cafe for a cup of tea and a bottle of banana milkshake to try and get rid of the taste in my mouth. Every time I coughed (again a side effect of the Pentamidine) I was nearly sick again. The taste has finally gone but it took a number of hours.

Next time I wont be having it on the same day as my Chemo – but it’s worth putting up with to stop me getting Pneumonia. Oh that was another thing she said that if I do get the Pneumonia most people die of it with Myeloma and don’t normally recover hence the reason why it is worth putting up with the yucky bits of having the Pentamidine!

Let’s hope I don’t come out in a rash like I did with co-trimoxazole

Hospital update and Pentamidine

I went to the Hospital today to get my next cycle of tablets and see the consultant for an update. I forgot that I had also arranged to have Pentamidine which is the replacement for the co-trimoxazole their both Septring, but the co-trimoxazole is one of the tablets that possibly caused the rash I had. So Pentamidine is it’s replacement given via a nebuliser rather than tablet form.


First the blood test was taken. I don’t normally have any problems with this, but for some reason they couldn’t get any blood from my right arm and had to use the left instead. Two needles and two bits if very tacky tape to rip off my hairy arms – ouch!

Then another wait and in to see Dr Lee he gave me an update. I’m doing really well and the Myeloma is responding well to the treatment. I asked more about timescales and when to expect the bone marrow transplant. Below is rough guide as to when things will be happening:

Timescale Description
Next 9 weeks Continue the 3 week cycles. 3 more to go.
Mid March Two week break of all treatment for marrow to normalise without chemicals.
April/May Start of stem cell treatment. Extract bone marrow.
Dates depend on Liverpool hospital
  Analogous Stem Cell Transplant
4 Weeks isolation in Liverpool Hospital
8 Weeks Recovery period at home.
  Celebrate with a glass of wine!!!

The above dates are only estimates but at least I have some kind of expectations now.

Meanwhile back at the hospital…

Dr Lee wrote the usual long prescriptions out and prior to going to have the nebuliser I told them I would drop them off at pharmacy so they could get started on putting it all together while I was on the nebuliser. The pharmacy said it would take about 30 mins - ‘not a problem’ I told them as I’m going on the nebuliser and would pop back later on.

Off I went back to the Oncology unit. I let them know I was back and one of the nurses said she would go and see where it was up to. So I waited …. and waited … and waited. A couple of nurses said they hadn’t forgotten about me and offered drinks. They are really good at looking after the patients and always treat you well. I never have to give my name, they remember everyone by their first names. It was finally about 3/4 of an hour to an hour when Jane (a nurse) came out and apologised explaining that the Pentamidine needed to be mixed up from and doesn’t come prepared. It was going to take another hour to get it ready. I could either wait or come back tomorrow. I decided to go back tomorrow, rather than wait another hour.

Back to the Pharmacy to pick up my prescription. They apologised and said that they are still in the middle of putting it together and it would be a few minutes. ‘no problem, I will go and get a drink and come back later’ – off to the canteen for a hot drink (and a cake but don’t tell Charito). Finished the drink and went back. Guess what? – Yep they apologised and said that they still hadn’t finished it and it would be a few minutes. This time I just waited in the seating area, surely it could be that much longer. Fortunately it was only about 10 minutes. So from the original estimate of 30 minutes it turned out to be about two and half hours. From the time I said to Oncology I would come back tomorrow rather than wait the extra hour to the time I finally got my prescription, was just over an hour. Although that would only have been the start of the nebuliser. I’m not sure how long it takes to have the Pentamidine. Anyway from all the time scales and waiting and apologies I was in the hospital at about 11:30am and left about 2:30pm. Most of that time was waiting for one person or department.

I don’t mind so much as having the knowledge that the treatment is working and going well is more important to me. I’m really pleased with how it has been going. The last cycle was more manageable without the rash and I’m hoping the next three go as smoothly.

They have increased the dosage of Thalidomide and daily basis again. The Pentamidine has possible side effects (no surprise there). It could cause breathing difficulty after having it or cause a cough. I will have to wait and see.

Chemo day again tomorrow along with the Dexamethazone so lots of tablets tomorrow morning. Just hope I don’t feel too sick while having  Pentamidine all mixed up together with the extra Thalidomide.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

What not to say …

I will try and make this as anonymous as I can.

Recently I was talking to someone about my Myeloma and the treatment that I was having and that I will be undergoing a bone marrow transplant in a number of weeks.

They explained that they understood what is involved as a member of their family had undergone the same thing. At this point I was keen to find out more as I haven’t yet met anyone who has actually gone through it and this could be my opportunity to find out more. They went on to explain that unfortunately the person had died and went on to further explain that they died during the transplant process and never recovered!

Note: as some people have difficulty understanding English, when I said. ‘that they died during the transplant process and never recovered’ perhaps I should have given a fuller explanation and continued the sentence … process and never recovered. i.e. they died while having the transplant. They never recovered from the transplant and then died.  Hopefully that clears up any confusion!

I don’t think they realised what they had said and continued the conversation about my treatment etc. Fortunately I’m not the type of person that looks on the negative side of things. I could quite easily of been the type of person who broke down in tears (yes I know I have done that before) at the thought of dying in a few weeks.

When I told Charito, she laughed and said ‘fancy telling someone who is going to have a transplant that!’ Its a good job I know my wife well enough that she wasn’t going to get upset about it. Yo te amo mi esposa por siempre (however long that might be)

So the lesson learned here is ‘Think before you speak’ people like me are very sensitive, especially because of the drugs we are on. If it was one of my bad days I may quite easily could have burst into tears.

The person who it was, probably isn’t reading this, if they are, don’t feel guilty …. for too long :)

Pretty Poor

The response to my JustGiving page has been pretty poor. I was hoping that all those people that kept asking ‘if there is anything that I can do to help’ would help by giving a couple of quid to MyelomaUK to help find a cure for Myeloma. So far only a couple of people have donated something. Which I am very grateful for. The target I set myself was £2000 pound, I may have to change that to £200 otherwise I may be dead due to the Myeloma before I even get near the target I set myself.

Nothing much…

Not much happening at the moment. Been feeling tired but nothing I can’t cope with.

I have my appointment on Wednesday to get my next cycle of treatment and I will try and find out when to expect my stem cell transplant.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Why? – I sometimes ask myself that!

I’m back in work again today. Still feeling a little sick, but will see how I get on. Normally the day after the Chemo as long as I take the anti-sickness drugs I can cope OK.

The next week is going to be a bit rough I think as I’m not scheduled to have any Dexamethazone at least not until after my hospital appointment on Wednesday and find out what my next cycle consists of.

So I may be tired and irritable (Nothing new there, I hear you say) and probably feel down and start crying for no reason (the emotional ups and downs). If you speak to me and I upset you … tuff … I mean I’m sorry I don’t mean too it’s the regime I’m on. It’s quite good to have at least have something to blame for my lack of tact :)

I didn’t feel good at work

Today started off ok, but as all the tablets started to take affect I wasn’t feeling well by the afternoon. I was going hot and cold and my stomach was hurting and feeling sick. By 4pm I decided to go home as I wasn’t feeling well at all.

Came home and had a rest and a sleep. taken more tablets to help stop the sickness which have worked ok for now. I will take some more tomorrow and see how I get on.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

35 Tablets today

It’s my Chemo day today. I can’t concentrate too much at work when I’m taking these, but at least I’m not sick as long as I am taking the anti-sickness drugs. This time it has also fallen on a day that I am taking the Dexamethazone so in all today I have 35 tablets to take. You should here me rattling as I walk past. Oh and one daily injection as usual. That in itself is becoming awkward to take at the moment I’m bruised on both sides now, so have to choose my spot carefully before injecting as it does hurt if I trying going into a tender spot. I inject in my side just below the ribs. I’m sure if I asked they would suggest somewhere else I could inject; which I will do if I run out of places!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

In work ok

Well the journey last night took me 1hour 30 minutes when it normally takes me 10 minutes. Coming into work today was fine after I got out of my side road which to be honest wasn’t that bad either.

In work normal time at about 8:15am.

Hopefully I wont have trouble getting home tonight and should be back in at the normal time of 6pm rather than 8:30pm.

I will let you know!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Good day apart from the weather

Another good day at work today. I have had the energy to cope again today. I must remember to start taking my anti-sickness tomorrow night ready for my Chemo on Thursday.

Getting home tonight was a nightmare. Lots of accidents on the roads due to the snow which had a knock on affect to the traffic being backlogged all the way back to work. People could even get out of the company gates as the traffic wasn’t moving.

I finally got to join the queue at 7pm and got home at 8:30 a trip that normally takes me 10 minutes. I normally get home at 6pm.

Hopefully tomorrow should be easier – fingers crossed.

Monday, 4 January 2010

How do you keep your car so clean

As I was getting in my car at work tonight a colleague was walking by and said to me ‘How do you manage to keep your car so clean’

Now this one was easy to answer…

‘You have really good neighbours who offer to wash your car for you”

Chris my next door neighbour asked me yesterday if I wanted my car washing as he had the Jet-wash out cleaning his van (he has his own courier business – so if you need anything delivering large or small let me know and I will put you in touch). I took him up on the offer as the Car was really dirty.

Not only did he give a quick going over with the Jet-Wash but he did a thorough job and left it sparkling.

Many thanks Chris your a good friend.

Same time next week ;)

Back at work today

Today is a good day to go back to work. I’m on the Dexamethazone for the next few days which are my happy pills and I feel good at the moment. I wasn’t first thing this morning when I took the tablets but as the day went on the effect kicked in.

Today at work has been ok and in fact I’ve been quite busy and felt like a normal day. I didn’t have time to check my personal emails so I must have been busy with one thing and another. I still felt a little tired when standing up for long period of time … when I say long I mean like 2 mins LOL.

So if I can have a couple more days like today it will be good. Thursday I’m not sure how I will be as I have the Chemo and the Dexamethazone, so it depends on which one wins the day as to how I feel.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Tired again today

I’ve been feeling tired today, my legs ache when standing and going up stairs. Tomorrow will probably be worse. I feel like bursting into tears as well – no particular reason, just feeling down. Part of the side effects again of being on and off of the dexamethazone but hey! At least I have something to look forward to on Monday apart from going back to work, it is the start of my Dexamethazone again. Yippee my uppers!!!!

Blogger Labels: Tiredness,Dexamethazone

Automated Facebook feed turned off

I’ve decided to turn off my automated blog feed to Facebook. If people want to know how I’m doing they can check out the blog rather than me shoving it in their face on a post to my news feed.

I’m still leaving the Facebook account open and will monitor and post via my Tweetdeck.

Friday, 1 January 2010

2010 What will it bring

Those of you that know me, will know that I like to have a plan for the next few years. Before being diagnosed with Cancer, my plan was to build a house in Peru and eventually move there at least for 6 months each year. To have some kind of internet business which I could run from anywhere in the world.

My plans have had to be refined – long term I still want to get the house built in Peru and stay as much as possible; however I can’t retire there permanently as the Myeloma will eventually come back. So my thoughts are to build the house (somehow) and use it for holidays etc. That’s if I can sort out the travel insurance (not something I’m going to worry about now though).

So what is my plan or goals for this year and the next 3 to 5 years. Obviously the first thing is to get the Myeloma in remission, which if things go as well as the are doing at the moment, should be sorted within the first 6 months of this year. The next thing for me to look at is getting a online business running which I can start to make some money from over the next year or so. At the moment I’m thinking about doing some consultancy work. I’ve been working with Internet technology since its first conception and have got a vast amount of knowledge on what works and what doesn’t and I would like to help others achieve their goals by assisting them in implementing ecommerce sites. In the past I’ve worked with some very big clients, so have the experience and knowledge to help others. I just need to start putting a business plan together to achieve this goal.

It’s very easy to say these things and then keep putting them off. If I have learned anything from knowing I have Cancer, it brings it home it is not to procrastinate. If something needs to be done, get it done as soon as possible. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

A few people have said ‘concentrate on getting better’. To be honest I’d rather concentrate on something else and let the getting better bit be something that I do automatically as part of my daily chores. The way that I deal with it is that I know that I have to be treated and I know I have to get better to achieve any of my other goals. It isn’t something that I can influence as such. I just need to follow the regime I’m on and do what needs to be done, drug wise and Stem cell transplant wise. To me that is an easy goal to achieve and will be ticked off once I have gone through all of the treatment. As for the other goals, well I will have to put some effort into those and make sure that I take the necessary steps to achieve my goals.

I’m going to have to start Networking a bit more this year. Any business or consultancy wont work if you haven’t got the contacts and business partners necessary to keep the business going. I’m a very firm believer in ‘Its who know and not what you know’ at times. Social media is going to really big this year and I want to get involved more and more. So one of my first goals this year is to do more social media networking. Using Tweeter and Blogs and helping others where I can. This is something that I can do now, I don’t have to wait until after my transplant. So that’s the first part of the year sorted.

I will do my usual thing of writing all of my goals down and putting some time scales to them. I found a good site for doing this yesterday (from my Tweeter contacts) I can see this site being very popular. One to watch this year I think.

Well that’s my 2010 sorted.