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Monday, 18 January 2010

Dexamethazone and being tired

The Dexamthazone is wearing off now. I’m feeling tired and can’t concentrate much. I’m not sure if the Septrin I had is making a difference as well. They said I would feel as though I have asthma, but I though that was just on the day of me taking it – maybe not as when I have gone up and down the stairs or walking any distance I’m completed shattered and have a bit of the shakes.

It’s hard to think that it could be about 2 years before I get my strength back properly after the transplant – one of my goals after the transplant is to make sure that I get fitter and lose some weight. By the time I have my full energy back I’m hoping that I wont be as fat – I’ve put quite a bit of weight on my stomach and face. I think I have a triple chin now, never mind a double one.  I’m not worrying about that too much at the moment, I don’t mind being fat and OK as long as I’m OK.