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Monday, 4 January 2010

How do you keep your car so clean

As I was getting in my car at work tonight a colleague was walking by and said to me ‘How do you manage to keep your car so clean’

Now this one was easy to answer…

‘You have really good neighbours who offer to wash your car for you”

Chris my next door neighbour asked me yesterday if I wanted my car washing as he had the Jet-wash out cleaning his van (he has his own courier business – so if you need anything delivering large or small let me know and I will put you in touch). I took him up on the offer as the Car was really dirty.

Not only did he give a quick going over with the Jet-Wash but he did a thorough job and left it sparkling.

Many thanks Chris your a good friend.

Same time next week ;)


  1. Chris (good friend)4 January 2010 at 20:05

    No jet wash. Hose and loving care only. I can only be a good friend by knowing a good friend ;)

  2. Can not wait to see what you will put about me when I start cutting your grass again but that's not me being a good friend I hate it growing in to our garden tehehehe lol xxx

  3. Hi sean i was just thinking will he be a good friend to me too i am your brother hehe

  4. oops sorry not a jet-wash a hose.

    Jodie - when you cut my grass again I will have to do the usual favours for you when Chris isn't in ;)

  5. That makes me sick. Use the back door if you want! ;)

  6. That was chris who wrote that he may like the back door but you know your self I like the front he is workin Wednesday lol xxx

  7. I thought it might be .... I know what you like ... there was so many innuendos to be made.