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Friday, 1 January 2010

2010 What will it bring

Those of you that know me, will know that I like to have a plan for the next few years. Before being diagnosed with Cancer, my plan was to build a house in Peru and eventually move there at least for 6 months each year. To have some kind of internet business which I could run from anywhere in the world.

My plans have had to be refined – long term I still want to get the house built in Peru and stay as much as possible; however I can’t retire there permanently as the Myeloma will eventually come back. So my thoughts are to build the house (somehow) and use it for holidays etc. That’s if I can sort out the travel insurance (not something I’m going to worry about now though).

So what is my plan or goals for this year and the next 3 to 5 years. Obviously the first thing is to get the Myeloma in remission, which if things go as well as the are doing at the moment, should be sorted within the first 6 months of this year. The next thing for me to look at is getting a online business running which I can start to make some money from over the next year or so. At the moment I’m thinking about doing some consultancy work. I’ve been working with Internet technology since its first conception and have got a vast amount of knowledge on what works and what doesn’t and I would like to help others achieve their goals by assisting them in implementing ecommerce sites. In the past I’ve worked with some very big clients, so have the experience and knowledge to help others. I just need to start putting a business plan together to achieve this goal.

It’s very easy to say these things and then keep putting them off. If I have learned anything from knowing I have Cancer, it brings it home it is not to procrastinate. If something needs to be done, get it done as soon as possible. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

A few people have said ‘concentrate on getting better’. To be honest I’d rather concentrate on something else and let the getting better bit be something that I do automatically as part of my daily chores. The way that I deal with it is that I know that I have to be treated and I know I have to get better to achieve any of my other goals. It isn’t something that I can influence as such. I just need to follow the regime I’m on and do what needs to be done, drug wise and Stem cell transplant wise. To me that is an easy goal to achieve and will be ticked off once I have gone through all of the treatment. As for the other goals, well I will have to put some effort into those and make sure that I take the necessary steps to achieve my goals.

I’m going to have to start Networking a bit more this year. Any business or consultancy wont work if you haven’t got the contacts and business partners necessary to keep the business going. I’m a very firm believer in ‘Its who know and not what you know’ at times. Social media is going to really big this year and I want to get involved more and more. So one of my first goals this year is to do more social media networking. Using Tweeter and Blogs and helping others where I can. This is something that I can do now, I don’t have to wait until after my transplant. So that’s the first part of the year sorted.

I will do my usual thing of writing all of my goals down and putting some time scales to them. I found a good site for doing this yesterday (from my Tweeter contacts) I can see this site being very popular. One to watch this year I think.

Well that’s my 2010 sorted.