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Friday, 22 January 2010

How much more

Had a few moments today where I felt sick, but after a few moment, the feeling went by. Work is getting more and more stressful – I’m not sure how much more I can take on a daily basis. I have had a meeting with HR to discuss going on the sick and they will be getting back to me early next week.

When I first found out I had Cancer and started on the Chemo therapy they agreed that I only need to do as much as I could and not to do too much. It seems that some are not aware of this and I’ve been given more to do, which quite frankly I’m not really capable of doing at the moment, at least not with the full commitment that I would like. I don’t have the concentration or feel up to working a normal day, let alone taking on more work!

So I need to make a decision – do I go on the sick now or continue to push myself to do more than I am doing now!


  1. My love you need to concentration your healthy.
    Sabes q el nuco q te ama con todo su corazon es
    DIOS my love , yo te amo muchisimo pero el q te cuida q te va cuidar siempre vaser el DIOS.
    Q DIOS te bendiga siempre . Te amo muchisimo.

  2. Maria sees you on a day to day basis and sees what work does to you good or bad. I admire you for trying but you are on the worst part of your treatment meaning, it has only just begain and needs your full attention. Don't pull against it. Seems to me it is telling you to rest up and let it do its job. If you want to work later when you are feeling much better and tablets etc are doing there job as they seem to be then think about it. I gather Maria is telling you your health is more important and I agree. If you can cope with your other blog with out it taking too much out of you then do that at home as and when you feel like it. Don't push yourself or let others do it. If I am speaking out of turn please tell me. CJ

  3. Jodie & chris23 January 2010 at 09:56

    They are right sean you should think of your health a rest would do you good xx

  4. Using all your energy on work life or a higher work load, at a time when you need it for your treatment and health can't be the best thing for you.

  5. Everyone has had a say on what you should do, or at least a thought. How do you feel? If you think work is what you need, carry on. If rest is what you need!? Take the time off. I know you have probably thought hard about money. Hope all works out well and doors always open for a coffee. All our love next door x

  6. hay dad i think you should go on the sick ur helth is more importent but ull still need to do some thing to keep u ocupied and give u something to get out of bed 4.(i recon you should start ur magic agen its not that stress full and you can put it dowen whene u need a rest) in less charito sez show me that agen lol. im more than happy to be your ginepig lol. ultermatley u should do whot u think is right for you