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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Good News


I was at the hospital yesterday and had some really good news. My paraprotein was 38 and is now 31. Although it is still high and shouldn’t be at that level straight after transplant, at least it has come down rather than going up!

It was a good day for me yesterday all together, I felt well and even went for a a walk around town, all be it very short and tried to avoid contact as much as possible with people. I dropped some books off at a Oxfam, well Charito did, I stayed in the car for that and had a relaxing evening as well.

I had a good laugh on the day ward as well. There was a patient there who I hadn’t met before called John; he had me laughing so much it hurt. He was very funny and should be on a stage. Me and Jill the nurse just couldn’t stop laughing. Now this is a real positive person, when I tell you that he has Hodgkin's lymphoma and the prognosis doesn’t look good, but not only that his father and brother also had it. I say had it as all three of them were in for transplant at the same time and unfortunately they both passed away. He also has two sisters that have had other forms of cancer. His case is so unique that it is the first time that they are looking into it being hereditary as two people could be a coincidence, but three people, highly unlikely. Yet John is so positive it is unbelievable. It’s good to meet people like him as it makes other patients, including myself feel much better especially after laughing. I’ve met some really miserable people with cancers that are curable/treatment or even in complete remission that are so miserable and depressing that you just want to avoid, even though I’ve tried cheering them up. Sometimes you feel like shaking some of them and shouting at them ‘Cheer up it could be a lot worse, look at other people like John and Me. At least you have a chance of survival’ I would swap my cancer for theirs and I’m sure others would as well.

There is a Charity party in February that I would love to go to. I’m going to discuss with the doctors nearer the time. There will be the usual patients there and and it’s all in aid of getting funding for 10z Transplant Unit. It’s been organised by one of the patients are young girl who has undergone a transplant. She has already got £10,000 pound from a bank and is hoping to raise a lot more. The entertainment is being supplied by various people, including some of the patients and family members who have various skills like singers and bands. Some of John family are in a band and they will do a slot as well. If I can go I will try and seek him out, that is if my stomach can take the belly laughs.

Enough of my ramblings for now, otherwise I would go on for ages about the cramps I’ve been having or finding out that Cyclosporine might be causing it or that now I have come off the Cyclosporine altogether etc etc.

More blogging soon…  


  1. See, intending does do something worthwhile, doesn't it? I am going to continue to intend that your numbers are going in the correct directions, in spite of what they could do... we know you are in the Highest Light and healing is taking place and minor miracles are occurring... big hugs!

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