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Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 13th, what else should I expect but more bad news!

I got my results from the bone marrow aspiration that I had taken last Tuesday. It was to find out why my bloods have been so low and my platelets. Was it option ‘A’ the the affects of the transplant or option ‘B’ due to the tablet regime I’m currently on or finally option C the Myeloma is so bad in my  bone marrow  that it is causing these problems.

And the answer as expected is the that the Myeloma is so aggressive that 95% of the cells in the sample taken were Myeloma cells. Which proves how aggressive the Myeloma is in my body. Hence the prognosis I have been given.

I have been prescribed the new Lenalidomide plus Dexamethasone regime which I will start today. They are giving me a very high dose of Dex 40mg a day. This will hopefully reduce the paraprotein and start to see some of the good cells fighting back. There are a lot of risks of infection while I’m on theses and I will immunocompromised and required to avoid people with any kind of illness and places where there are lots of people in case I catch an infection, that could be fatal to me. No point getting to my grave early, just because I want to buy a KitKat from ASDA (please note KitKat’s are available from other large retailers).

Now I’m not superstitious at all, touch wood! If I was I must be one of the unluckiest people around. I don’t need it to be Friday 13th. I could choose any day and I would still have as much bad luck.

Isn’t it about time I had some of the good stuff. I’m not fussy as long as it involves winning the lottery, enough to buy myself the Ferrari F458 Spider. Talking of cars, I will be selling my car shortly. So if anyone is interested in buying a bright yellow Toyota Celica T Sport then make me an offer.

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