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Monday, 7 March 2011

PAD Postponed

I’ve been to the hospital this morning expecting to start the next cycle of my PAD and have the pump fitted, but I’m home again after only being there for the morning without it. The reason being that my Neutrophils are too low at .6 they have to be higher. So it’s been decided to leave it this week and start it next Monday.

I’m back at the hospital Thursday to have by usual checks, to make sure that everything is OK.

I mentioned in my last post about not being too well over the weekend with a cough, well I’ve had a chest X-Ray this morning and everything is OK. I’ve been given some antibiotics to clear anything up that I might have so I’m in tip top condition for the Doxorubicin Monday.

I’ve had my line cleaned up again and it is much better than it was. It looks like it has finally stopped leaking and started healing really well. It took a while to get all of the dry blood and clots removed as it looked like black tar stuck on my chest. The wound in my neck where I have the hidden excess loop was cleaned up and the steri strips removed. The restriction that I was having in the movement of my neck turned out to be because of the steri strips, so I can actually move my neck again now without any restriction, which is great, I wasn’t looking forward to having to put up with that for the next few month. Now that the line is clean and my neck is normal I feel much better, just knowing that things are OK.

Charito was worried about my cough as last night I didn’t get much sleep as it was hindering my breathing and I was making funny noises all night. I only slept on and off as it was a bit of struggle to get a proper sleep. I spoke to Charito at work to let her know that everything was OK and there was nothing to worry about. She hates going to work and leaving me at the hospital on my own, I know she worries about me and to be honest I wasn’t sure if they would end up keeping me in today if they found out I had got an infection on my chest, but as it turns out everything is fine. Charito can relax now knowing that I’m OK and back at home resting.

I’m not sure how the I’m going to be feeling without the Dexamethasone this week though. I’ve been told not to take anything, so a sudden stop again. Although I had already taken them this morning as I was expecting to start the PAD … oh well up and down …yesterday was a bit of a spaced out day and today I feel quite normal.


  1. Who's quite normal and does Charito know you're feeling them? ;D

  2. Whatever you're taking to feel "normal," I want some of it... I neither feel normal nor, according to my children, am not... they would probably pay you for it!