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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Friday and the weekend catch up

I just realised I never blogged on Friday, so here it is on the Sunday and you get the weekend bits all in one go, aren’t you the lucky ones!

Friday was red nose day and I had planned to take the camera to the hospital to catch all the exciting things that were going on. I was going on my own today as James was bored sitting with me all day waiting around, I don’t blame him, I would be as well. So he stayed at home and did some jobs around the house, which was really good, he managed to get the garden sorted for Charito as well, she wanted to get rid of some of the old roses that were taking over the planet … ok not the planet, just the drive, but left unchecked, who knows where it would end.

So off I went with back of magazines, sandwiches (for lunch) and camera bag. As well as my red nose to join in the fun. Well it was a little disappointed when I got there, nobody was wearing their red nose and nobody dressed up. They did have a raffle for red nose day, but nothing special, despite my suggestion of a calendar girl theme! One of the nurse has made an effort an was sporting her Vivian Westwood Shakespeare t-shirt, but that was about it. I was hoping to get some photos of them dressed up in some way. I realise it would of been difficult to work in anything elaborate, especially with the type of work they have to do, administering bloods etc, but a simple bit I’m sure they could have done better…. I will put down, ‘must try harder’ on their report card, now that sounds familiar. So my camera stayed in my bag as it was even worth getting out.

Back to the medical side, I had two units of blood and my chemo pump removed as well as my stitches taken out of my chest. The pump finished earlier and I never had any issues with the alarm going over, which was good. Next time I have it I’m going to be trying a different type of pump. Not sure which one yet, but I think it will end up being whichever one they can fill the quickest as the one I had takes forever and they have problems filling it without getting air into it. So something to look forward to as what I will get (oh the joyous things we have to contend with). I had no problem with the bloods going in, especially with my line, it just connects and pumps into me. For some, like the lady opposite me it isn’t always easy to get a line in for them to use for transfusions. I see her most times I am in and it is getting harder and harder for the nurses to attach a cannula. I was trying to help convince her that having a PICC line was the way forward and it is, if they can’t get blood into her then it would damager her health, so putting up with the discomfort and of the line going in and the day to day life with it in your arm, has to be worth while. Although saying that I would recommend the hickman rather than the PICC, but I wasn’t sure if that was option for her or even if the nurses wanted me to suggest it to her, so I avoided it.  The nurses suggested suggested they talk to me about it as I have had one fitted. She did and hopefully she will decided to have one, I will let you know if she does.

Pump off and bloods in, it was nearly time to go home, just my stitches out. Now it can’t just be me, why do I always have things go wrong when they should be as simple as possible. The stitches were put in an unusual way (apparently) and the nurse had to go and get someone else to have a look as well, just to make sure. They tried cutting them out, but had difficulty with the scissors that they were using in the kit, so had to send out for another kit with a knife/blade and tweesers  etc. After much fiddling around, they were still unclear as to how it was attached to my line, if indeed it was. They did manage to cut it in the end after a bit of a struggle, none of this hurt by the way, just a bit awkward. All done and removed, but it turns out that it wasn’t attached to the line, just into my skin! so that means that Jen was right the other week and my line was just floating around and not attached in any way, no wonder it was bleeding and I was having problems with it healing. It’s all OK now though, nice and clean and settled in without any issues. I would have liked it tucked up again a bit further before putting on the plaster as it is just a tiny bit too long. I will make sure that next time it has a nice ‘S’ shape bend in it to make it easier for me.

By the time it was all finished it was about 2pm and I decided to go and visit James’ aunt that lives very close by to the hospital. I had planned to take some photos of them on the Saturday as I knew that my bloods were good and my energy levels should be ok as I was fully topped up with a couple of units of blood to keep me going.

I went to their apartment and relaxed with a cup of coffee talking to Chel and as I took my camera up with me I though I would take some pics of the lizard that they have in a tank. So I got my camera out and turned it on …….. errrrrr something was missing!!! It was a good job nothing was going on at the hospital as I had forgot to put the memory card back in the camera and the spares I had that I normally let in the camera bad I had taken out as well. Good job none of it was important, but I learned a lesson and I like to say it wont happen again …… but who knows how stupid I can be (answers on a postcard).

Sorry about this long blog … I could split it into lots, but you would still have to read it so it’s staying as one ;-)

Saturday James and I went to Ness (the aunt) and Chel’s (the husband) to take the photos. We took all of the lighting equipment, backgrounds etc. It was a tiring day as we took lots and lots of images. I will post some up here once I have done the post editing on them. It ended up being and all day shoot as there were lots of ideas and themes, including Vikings and muppets, not together, although that would have made an interesting photo … maybe next time.

I was tottally exhausted by the time we got home and after I had something to eat I decided I need to go for a lie down for a couple of hours. The couple of hours turned out to be all night and after having to get up in the night with a really bad stomach, I felt refreshed enough to carry on today.  James helped out in the garden again today and we got rid of some weeds as well as put some wood chipping down that we got from a the old tree that was cut down on the estate. It looks nice and tidy now and will look even better when I get a bit of colour in the flower beds, but at least it is ready.

Lots of editing to do on my images which will keep me busy and a bit of busy day tomorrow (Monday) .. oh my Velcade has been changed to Tuesday for this week as I have something planned for tomorrow so a day behind at the hospital.

I will write more soon….. i’m sure your looking forward to more of my ramblings :-) until then, enjoy life, no matter how short or long.



  2. How very sweet that your dear Charito posted here.... it is rare for caregivers to post on pages as long as the MM'er can write for him or herself and usually not such loving messages!

    Such a long day, and I hope your next days at hospital are shorter and more productive!!

  3. Hi Sean,
    Phil still doesn't think the internet is going to catch on so instead of has asked me to message you ...
    Please can you send him an email to his global address so that he has your email and can keep in touch that way. Cheers Kel x

  4. I love my PICC line and even though I was dreading getting it done it was a doddle. Most of the time I'm not that aware of it and even though showering is a bit of an inconvenience it is more than made up for by the general lack of cannuals. I'd certainly recommend one and, for me personally, above a Hickman line. :D