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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Hickman line cleaned up

I went to the hospital today (for a change!) Had my blood taken from my new line, worked a treat, blood on tap. The dressing needed changing as I was bleeding last night and it dripped it’s way down the line. Jenny did a good job of cleaning it up, but she was a little worried that it wasn’t fixed (suited) in properly and she wasn’t sure if it was moving when she cleaned it, which it shouldn’t. I couldn’t tell looking down on it. She put a few strips on it and patched it up and got some advice from Dee and others and it was it was agreed it looked ok. I know they stiched it when they did it, because they were the stitches that I felt and with Sarah watching on she assured us that it was.

I was a little concerned about it just dangling there the way it was and was worried that I might pull it out by accident if I got it caught in my sleep. So that have put a loop in it which just lifts it out of the way and  secures it for me.

Just looking at it now, it has bled down the line again, but not quite as much. I’m not back at the hospital until Monday, so I will keep an eye on it. Jen said if I have any problems over the weekend to make sure I call to get it checked. I will see how it is tomorrow though and if need be nip in to get it checked out, although I have to go to Liverpool tomorrow in the afternoon.

My blood results came back and they were good.

HB 9.5 which should do me till Monday
Platelets 74 which is really high, the two units yesterday did me good, although still not clotting where the line is fitted!
Neutrophils are low at .8 put have increased from the .3 that they were, so going in the right direction.

Second cycle of doxorubicin on Monday again over four days.

I’m back on the pentamidine which I had today. So after spending time in the little room on my own while I had that I was able to go home, so I was away by about 2pm today, which was good.