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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Sometimes I think I can see into the future

If you recall yesterday I mentioned briefly about my platelets being low, last time that I know of they were 55,000 and I mentioned that at 22,000 a person could be at risk of spontaneous bleeding.

Well I don’t exactly have spontaneous bleeding, but early evening my nose starting to bleed, I think because of all of the blowing and coughing. It hasn’t been much, but a slow drip, you know the type you get when your walking around town on a cold day and you have that annoying dripping cold, well similar to that. The only problem is, it won’t stop.

WARNING: If you are bit squeamish about talking/reading about blood or yucky stuff, turn away now

When I was younger and had nose bleed for what ever reason, we were told to pinch the top of your nose and lean your head back (method A). Then as I got older they tell you that doing that is bad and you should leave it to run and congeal/clot on it’s own (method B). Well I didn’t try the pinching and putting my head back, I think I would have chocked on all of the yucky stuff mixed in, either that or have been sick. I did try something similar though and just before going to bed I packed cotton wool into my nose to see if I could get away with that until morning. That didn’t work though as all I ended up doing is not being able to breath if my mouth closed, although I could have coped with that, after all it would only be like having a blocked nose. No, the main reason it didn’t work is that all it did was drip backwards into my throat and made me cough blood. So I couldn’t get to sleep with that method. I came downstairs and pulled the cotton wool out and along with it came a semi congealed blood clot (sorry! I know that must sound horrible). I blew my nose as well and lots more came out but I could breath and it felt really good.

I can’t lie down properly as I start coughing and my nose starts dripping more (with blood) so I decided the best option was to try and sleep in the chair and just let my nose drip to see if it clots and stops (using method B above).  Again all that happened is that it clotted slightly but the blood still dripped past and when I dabbed it with the tissue it just made it worse and any slight movement or blowing made the blood that had slightly clotted come out again.

At this time, around about 5:30 or 6am can’t quite remember but I know I was very very tired. I decided to blow my nose again so I could breath and lie on the sofa propping my head up. If I managed to fall asleep, great! If my nose bled on the sofa, who cares I was too tired!

I did manage to get to sleep for a couple of hours before Charito came down and said she was late for work.

I’ve had something to eat and drink and now trying again to sit as still as possible without it dripping. I’m at the hospital later for my bone marrow biopsy and full skeletal scan again, so I will talk to the doctor while I’m there and see what they can do. I will write a update later, providing they don’t decide to keep me in.

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  1. The correct thing to do for a nose bleed is to keep your head in a normal position and apply pressure to that bit around the bridge. Ideally applying something cold - ice pack, bag of ice - don't think can of lager would work. However with impeded clotting don't know how effective this would be - worked for me during SCT with lowered platelets that was ice in a rubber glove.

    I know you gave a warning but I'm just too curious (polite word for nosey?) and you'll be relieved to know it didn't put me off my lunch - just one slight gag at the thought of a clot. ;D