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Saturday, 22 January 2011

A quick cough update.

Went to emergency doctor at one hospital, he was happy to send me home after listening to my chest and sent me to Chester Hospital for X-rays etc. They wanted to keep me in hospital but I persuaded to let me home. Finally got back home at about 9:30.

I will fill in the bits in between tomorrow, but for now I’m very tired after not sleeping and have a very bad headache.

Until tomorrow – cough, goodnight.


  1. I think home is best if you feel well enough 'in yourself' because I don't know if you know this but hospitals are full of sick people. You don't know what you'll catch and some of them smell! Okay some people on the bus smell but somehow that's not the same as being in a hospital lift with one! Not you obviously, having been in a hospital lift with you I can confirm that you didn't smell! ;D

  2. mmm if it wasn't me that was the smelly one in the lift, who else was in there with me!!! ;)