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Monday, 3 January 2011

New pic

I finally got around to taking some new pictures of myself.

Self Self

I’m not sure which I like best the black and white or the colour.

Either way I thought it would make a change from the Baldy Chemo pic! Im using everywhere at the moment.


  1. I'm not sure, although I think the black and white wins by a fraction for me anyway.

  2. The above comment was made by carol J did you only take the two?

  3. I took loads of shots before getting these. I had about 8 that I liked and narrowed it down to these two.

  4. OK, after you complained about the "you look good" comments you were getting, I was going to write that you look like bloody hell just to make you feel better but now after seeing these shots, Holy CR** man, you look freeking amazing!!! You could be the next 007 for crying out loud!!! I definitely like the color shot best. When I told Tim one time that I was so sick of people saying "you look good" to him, it turns out he was so much more gracious than I. He said, "people are uncomfortable and don't know what to say. I understand it and appreciate that they try to say something nice to me." I realized he was right. Most people say things with only the best intentions in their hearts and that's the part you have to focus on. When Tim was first diagnosed, I actually had people pretend they did not see me/us as they were SO afraid to talk to us. I saw his own cousin run the other way in a grocery store to avoid talking to me. He thought I hadn't seen him. Things like that were so hurtful and made us feel so alien so I eased up on the folks who braved talking to us even if they said some silly things sometimes because they were so nervous.

  5. I prefer the colour one, you can see the blue eye's :) try a bit of black & White with the BLue eye's. Nigel