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Sunday, 23 January 2011

I’m ill and that’s my excuse

I got a surprise visit from Amy before, which was great to see her.

I thought I would give a quick post about a stupid thing I did, before Amy gets the chance to tell everyone (as if she would embarrass her dad).

I went over to my laptop to try and pull up a manual in pdf form for her Grandad (or should that be Granddad) that he wanted, but unfortunately there was a pop up advert on the screen  ‘ £10 Voucher for Sci-Mix Nutrition’. I tried closing it down, but I couldn’t see the X to click on after a second or three I realised that the pop up was very clear, in fact too clear. It looked just like a real piece of paper. Obviously because it was. While I was upstairs Charito had cleaned downstairs and found this advert, which came with an order from Amazon (you know the ones they slip in with every order). Well she didn’t know what to do with it so she put somewhere where I wouldn’t miss it, literally on my screen resting on the bottom left. Amy couldn’t stop laughing when I just took it off the screen. I blame the fact i’m ill and not because I’m totally stupid!


  1. are you sure about that latter comment. just getting my own back for the laughs you had over my plug that wouldn't go in the socket because another plug was in the other side. I'm glad I'm not stupid on my own. Ha ha ha C J

  2. ha ha ha ha that was funny and would i put something like that about you mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes lol xxxxxxx

  3. I need oxygen! ;D

  4. i was just thinking that more something nan would do lol

  5. I think the chemo has had a long lasting effect on my brain and vision