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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I get knocked down

Tubthumping – I get knocked down: I first bought this song when it came out a good few years ago on tape, I now own it on various different CD compilations, however more recently it has become more meaningful. Not just because I sing it on the Xbox with my next door neighbour but because it reminds me that things could be worse no matter how bad things get and to stop  winging and get up off my arse and do something. I don’t think that (Jodie, next door) will ever be able to listen to the song again without thinking of me (not sure if that is because me and Chris sing it so badly though). Listen out for (or watch) for the mention of my next door neighbour.

Dedicated to Chris & Jodie for always being there to cheer me up when I’m down, normally lots of wine and singing is involved. but when I’m not on the wine (while having treatment), their company more than makes up for it. Thanks Guys x.

P.S. I only drink wine, not a whisky drink or a lager drink or a cider drink or a vodka drink!

P.P.S Jodie! stop crying


  1. Bless you glad you did not say bout car window they might think I'm a bitch an the photo thing teheheh perv. We love you to bits mate an chris is just as bad with the odd tear. It is farther an son song that gets me good friends are hard to find xxx

  2. Wow Sean - you live next door to a bitch pervert - interesting!

    Further to comment on last post - don't think wine would work either. ;D

  3. I drink a lager drink unless it's summer, then it's cider drink followed by a whiskey drink. Jodies is a vodka drink. I think Jodie only likes farther and son as when she looks at you dad! Ps. all man, no woman, no cry!

  4. It may of sounded like I was the perv from my last msg but I ment Sean. You know what I mean don't you Sean I am not going to tell every 1 what you did that is up to you tehehe x

  5. he may drink wine only now, but he used to love snakebites and lots of them! Sean, a perv? You only just worked that one out! On one of Seans drinking episodes he had a big sloppy kiss with
    a man!!!! Do you remember Sean? Explain that one to Chris and Jodie!!!! Hilarious! And you fell asleep in the bus stop outside the kids school!