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Saturday, 4 September 2010

I’m still here

Well I’m still here, which is always good. I’m doing OK and not had anything really bad happen to me yet!

Rather than post everything in one blog post I will write a few, just to give you something to read.

First of all thanks to everyone who has sent me emails and texts, sorry I haven’t replied but been a little busy, normally being sick or on the loo.

At the moment my counts are zero and I have had two lots of Growth Factor. Monday I should see them start to creep back up again. Fingers crossed.

For those of you that understand the details currently my blood counts are:

Type My Counts Normal Healthy Person
Haemoglobin 11.6 13.0 – 16.7
Platelets 7 150-400
White Cell Count 0.0 3.5 – 11
Neutrophils 0.0 2.0 – 7.5

I won’t try explaining all the above, if your interested in what they mean, Google them. Basically though it means that my Neutrophils (part of white cells) are still zero and the growth factor injections will stimulate my new stem cells to rebuild my bone marrow and increase over the next few days.

The platelets as you may have noticed are way way way less than normal which means that my blood wont clot. My nose has been bleeding a bit (not much) and so I have had to have some platelets via a drip to increase my count. It’s a good job I don’t wet shave! I will also bruise very easily at the moment so I have asked Chartio not to hit me, just in case (he he).

I’ve managed to keep everything I’ve eaten today down, which I think is a first. Yesterday I had cauliflower cheese, which came back up as quick as it went down (not pleasant). This morning though I woke up a bit more refreshed after having a bit of sleep which I didn’t get the night before because of the the TEMPERATRURE PROBLEM, more on that in a another post. Anyway, this morning I woke up (again which is a good sign), but I was very hungry. I had to call the nurse at 6am to order some cheese and crackers, they couldn’t supply the selection I usual enjoy with a bottle of wine,so I had to settle for a few jacobs crackers with cheese triangles. It was just what I needed and I could taste them as well (sort of).

I had lasagne for lunch, which I also managed to keep down only a tiny portion and could only manage half, but at least its more food down me. Just had dinner of vege soup which took a while to eat but again so far, managed to keep down, so the its looking good for a whole day without vomit. …. did I speak too soon.


  1. "Good Luck Sean" from Susie and Hamada.
    Hamada also has MM - diagnosed 2006.

  2. I'm sooooooooo glad you're still there!

    Platelets 7 - made me laugh. It seems like such a funny little number against - should be 150-400!