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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Sleeping sickness and blood counts

The last few nights I haven’t been able to get to sleep properly. I’ve managed to dose off during the day though (I think). I’ve been sleeping with the backrest slightly raised since I have been here. Last night though I thought I would try putting the back rest down and trying to sleep flat on the bed.

Bad idea ……

No sooner had I lay down on my back but I started to cough a little as I felt acid in my mouth. I sat up and tried to spit it out in a tissue. Coughed a little more, then threw up a bowl a bile. So after cleaning up I raised the bed again and tried to get to sleep. I managed a couple of hours again, but nothing like a proper sleep. I don’t think I will sleep properly until I am back home.

I got my blood counts back again yesterday and the good news is that my neutrophils are starting to increase.

  3.9.2010 6.9.2010 Target
Neutrophils 0.0 0.2 between 1 and 2 before I can go home, nearer 2 the better
Platelets 7 22 Normal is  between 150 – 400 but anything over 20 they don’t consider too much of problem as it will increase
Haemoglobin 11.6 10.6 They don’t seem to worry too much about this dropping slightly
White Cell Count 0.0 0.7  

The main one that I’m interesting rising is the Neutrophils. The rise is the expected amount at this stage and Wednesday they would expect to see it at about the 0.5 range.

In general though it is going well and I’m not counting the days down to coming home and to be able to fully recover and to finally get a good nights sleep.