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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Fat Water

I had a meeting with the dietician yesterday – we went through the list of food to eat and avoid whilst being Neutropenic. It was very informative and she was very helpful. Charito managed to meet her later on and alleviated any fears she may have had about cooking Peruvian foods.

I need to try and keep my weight, as now is definitely not the time to go on a diet. As I’m losing weight it is only my muscles that are disappearing and not fat. I don’t have much muscle anyway, so I can’t afford to lose any.

2200 calories I need to try and eat a day to maintain my current weight. Iv’e lost over 5Kg so far whilst here so I am eating as many fatty things as I can. Cheeses etc and I have Kandyshakes supplement drinks that I quite like so I’m trying to have at least one of those a day as well.

I have also been given a tin of power called Polycal. It looks like a tin of baby milk, with it’s own little baby scoop. Each scoop is 19kcals and I can add it to any hot or cold drink or any other meals that Charito wants to cook. It is tasteless and does nothing more but add calories. I have tried in coffee, Juices and water and it is fine.

So now I can get fat on as much water as I want, normally add two or three scoops to each drink.