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Monday, 13 September 2010

Pain in my ar**

Last night I decided to stay up a bit later to see if I could manage to get a good nights sleep, rather than wake up in the middle of the night. It was about 1am before I went to bed.

It worked to a point, but at 6am I woke up with terrible pains in my arms (what did you think the * meant!), well actually it was the top of my arms. I couldn’t make out if it was my muscles or my bones, as it was so painful. I couldn’t lie down so I sat on the side of my bed. Charito got me some more pain killers, but obviously they don’t work instantly, wish they did. After about 30 minutes it seemed to calm down a bit, so thought I would try lying down again… bad idea as that just made it worse again. So I sat on the bed again. The alarm went off for Charito for work at 6:45 and once she was ready and left for work I jumped in the shower, well more of a crawl and slow climb than a jump, but you get the idea. I felt better after the shower and once I had settled down in my chair downstairs with my breakfast and coffee I felt much better.

So I’m sure again if it is just my muscles aching because of the way I am sleeping or it is something to do with my new bone marrow working it’s way through my joints that is making it ache, either way I know it hurt.

I wonder what tonight will be like, I will just have to wait and see what it brings…

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  1. Did the hospital tell you it would be painful still when you got home. C J