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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Good news

I didn’t get much sleep last night, as there was  lot of activity during the night with other patients who were very ill. I had my breakfast at about 6:30am and tried to eat shepherds pie for lunch. What I didn’t think about though was what I had last night for dinner, which was the Lamb Moussaka, which immediately came back up again as soon as it went down. The shepherds pie was the exact same mix, just with mash on top. I managed to eat the pees and carrots though. The registrar came in and noticed I hadn’t eaten it and after going through some medical things asks if I wanted to try some soup instead. I decided on chicken as I hadn’t had that on. So I had the registrar make me lunch, which I’m told is bit of an honour. I huge bowl of chicken soup as well and I ate it all ….mmm very nice.

Later on she was back, but this time with the doctor and three other trainees, all in my small room. The doctor discussed my bloods and how well I am doing and said ….. wait for it, this is the good news……. We are going to send you home tomorrow.

So things have started happening to get me on my way. I’ve been given a going home pack and had a discussion about what I can and cant eat and do. I’ve been on the nebuliser to have some pentamidine, which for some reason didn’t taste as bad as it normally does when I have it. Tomorrow I will be having my blood taken again in the morning, just to make sure everything is ok and they will be giving me some more platelets before leaving. I also need to have my Hickman line removed. They are expecting me to release late afternoon.

I still have to be very careful not to catch anything so anyone who has any type of cold or disease or not washed for while etc wont be allowed into my home.

So don’t be offended if I ask you to sanitise your hands or wash them, I just can’t take the risk of catching anything and ending up back in hospital.

So hopefully providing nothing goes wrong between now and tomorrow afternoon, the next blog post will be from home.

See you there …..


  1. im realy glad evrything has gone well sorry i cant visit miss you and love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. What's a 'going home pack'? Is that a posh phrase for a plastic bag with your tablets in? Or is it something else THAT I DIDN'T GET! :D