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Monday, 20 September 2010

Driving me mad

I woke up again at 4am this morning in pain again. I’m trying not to take too many paracetamol so I just took one dihydrocodeine it wasn’t as affective as taking both of them together, but I managed to get back to sleep. Up at 7am and took both lots of tablets as the pain was too much to bear.

One of the questions I asked last Friday at the clinic was - ‘how soon can I drive again’. I was a little surprised by the answer as I thought she was going to say about 4 weeks or more, but actually she told me that I could drive now if I felt safe to do so. Obviously if I felt sick or drowsy or couldn’t use the controls  because of the pain then don’t do it. So today after waiting for the pain killers to kick in and the car sanitised  I took Charito to work. Although felt a little strange at first, not driving for over a month, I managed ok.

If only this pain would go away, I would feel so much better. I have pain in my neck now as well, so it’s looking more like a trapped nerve. I felt better for a while today after I got home from taking Charito to work I had a really hot bath that seemed to ease it for a while. I’ve managed to go up till 4pm without any pain killers, which is good as previously I’ve been clock watching to see when I can take the next lot every 4 hours.

Every four hours.

8am = 2 paracetamol
12pm = total 4 paracetamol
4pm = total 6 paracetamol
8pm = total 8 paracetamol
12am = total 10 paracetamol
4am = total 12 paracetamol

All of the above times are plus a dihydrocodeine.

As the maximum dose in 24 hours should be 8 tablets, you can see why I try and miss a few of those out, although I am in pain when not taking them. Taking a bath and trying to get some sleep during the day seems to help get through a few hours, so I might start to do that on a daily basis until it eases off as it’s driving me mad!


  1. Hi Sean, sorry to hear you are suffering so much pain. Its realy the worst thing. Have you thought about trying a TENS unit to help you through the night at least? they are very cheap from Boots these days. It was good to hear that you managed the drive into town to take Charito to work. I would feel lost without being able to drive.

    See you Sunday.

    Best Regards

    Chris Booley (since you know so many Chris's)

  2. Si my love todo va pasar solo tenemos que confiar en DIOS el te va bendecir my love el te va curar tu cancer tu hombro q te duele mucho , solo tenemos q tener mucha FE my love DIOS nos da muchas purebas y tenemos q afrontarlas my love todo va pasar si solo esperar y vamos a ser muy felices cuando tu te sanes porq nuestro PADRE te va dar un milagro si . Te amo muchisimo
    I love you lots. Charito.

  3. Ahhhh, so you're aiming for liver failure before the myeloma has a chance!

    I googled dihydrocodeine and have to say that although I consider myself reasonably intelligent Wikipedia produced a WTF reaction - although I now know what I'd assumed anyway that it's a pain killer. I have to say that as far as paracetamol (on its own) goes I'd rather have a smartie!

    I hate to be a downer but I tried a TENS machine when my vertebra was pressing on a nerve and although it did provide a tiny bit of relief - yes you guessed it - Smartie time!