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Saturday, 4 September 2010

There comes a time when you just have to try

As you know, my stomach hasn’t been good, the chemo and transplant, along with the other drugs, has its affect on the bowls. At the moment I discovered a skill I never new I had. How to be sick in a bowl whilst weeing into a jug at the same time as having diarrhoea.

Those of you that have been through this will understand what I mean, but the point is that it gradually gets better. The diarrhoea slows down, but you don’t know if you are going to have diarrhoea or not when your stomach hurts, you have to get to the loo as quickly as possible or take the risk of messing your PJ’s.

There comes a time though that you have to take the challenge, is this going to be just wind or am I going to have a nasty surprise. So after several successful attempts at going to the toilet just in case, you decide the next fart attach I will give it ago and risk it.

The tension builds ….. the pain rises and you just have to pass wind. You hold your breath tentatively, was that a successful operation, did the fart arrive safely. Your not sure, so you have to go to the loo to make sure anyway.

It’s surprising how something simple can make you so happy…. hooray I managed to fart. I’m not actually sure, but I might have given a little cheer!

After about another 20 attempts you begin to trust yourself a little more, but now and then there is one that your not quite sure of and still have to go and check.

I feel all grown up!

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  1. I remember reading that on a guy's blog - it was just about his transplant and the two things are remember are - 'Is it a fart or not?' and that his nose hair fell out and it catches er, boggies so his Mrs had to tell him if he 'had a bat in the cave' before it landed on his lap.