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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Monday, Tuesday Happy Days…

Well Monday night was even worse for the pain in my  shoulders. I took some pain killers before going to bed, but woke up in absolute agony at 1am with pains in my shoulders. I couldn’t lie down at all. I went down stairs and decided to call the hospital to see if I could take some other pain killers that I had that were prescribed in Chester. Unfortunately I couldn’t as they didn’t know what my blood counts are and they could affect me. So I couldn’t do anything more about the pain. I ended up sitting upright on the sofa and trying to get some sleep like that, as it was far too painful for me to lie down.

Tuesdays I had to be at Liverpool hospital in the afternoon so that they could check my bloods. They took my blood and said that I could wait around or they could call me later and I might have to go back in the same day if I needed anything e.g. platelets, blood etc. As I had to arrange to get a lift in, I used the hospital ambulance-taxi service, it would be impossible to go home and come back again, so I had to wait. It wasn’t too bad I arrived at the hospital at about 1:30pm and I was home by about 4:30pm. The results came back and everything is fine, didn’t need anything doing. I got a prescription off the doctor and she examined my shoulders, but couldn’t see anything wrong. It’s very strange as it doesn’t hurt at all during the day. I even tried lying down on a bed to see if it hurt, but it didn’t. I don’t normally have pain in my shoulders and I don’t have myeloma problems with them, nothing showing on previous x-rays. So we have no idea why they would be hurting.

Last night was OK I took the tablets prior to going to bed, just in case, not sure if I needed to or not, I managed to have a reasonable nights sleep, only having to get up once in the night. Although I was sweating a lot, to point where I had to change my top during the night as it was soaking wet. My temperature is ok though, so it just might be my body getting used to the bone marrow.

In general I’m feeling OK, still very tired, which I’m sure will last for a while yet. I’m eating OK, but can’t each too much. I tried a lamb soup today, but couldn’t touch that at all as it reminded me too much of the Lamb Moussaka incident at the hospital, I don’t think I will be able to face eating anything remotely smelling like that for a while.


  1. Oh dear, how strange with the shoulder pain. At least you are only changing your top now and not your bottoms too lol. Hope you're feeling in much better spirits as the blog title suggests. Take care both of you.
    Love Anna and gang.

  2. Good to hear you have a little positive improvement each day? Im rooting for you.

    I laughed about the Lamb Moussaka and Soup. Reminds me of a similar experience i had as a kid with chicken curry. i couldnt eat it for many years after. Now i cook the best Chicken balti you ever tasted lol.

    If you ever fancy a chat online to pass the time, let me know

    All the best