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Monday, 1 March 2010

Not much blogging lately

018-meYou may be wondering why I haven’t been blogging much lately! Well everything is OK, nothing to worry about. I’ve generally been resting since stopping going to work. I certainly don’t feel as stressed and it is helping. I’ve tried not to worry about work at all and it seems to be going ok. I’ve checked my emails, but that about it. I realised when I was looking through my emails how easy it is to start worrying about things, so I quickly gave up on that before I ended up getting dragged into quick emails bouncing back and too.

Most of the time at home I have been reading or resting. It’s good to be able to sit down or lie down and just do nothing when I feel tired and exhausted. Some days it wears me out just getting out of my chair and other I’m ok to go for a walk around town, it just depends on what tablets I’m on and how I’m feeling during the hour of that day.


It isn’t good to just sit around, I need to motivate myself to move around as much as I can really. Two reasons, 1) I have put on quite a bit of weight since starting the Cancer treatment, partly because of the tablets and partly because of not being active and eating far too much junk food (cakes and chocolate over Christmas). 2) The thalidomide can cause DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) the same type of things that you get on long haul flights if your sitting down for a long time. I currently have to have the daily injection of Tinzaparin to thin my blood to help stop it, but that isn’t a good enough reason to sit there and do nothing!

So again it is finding the right balance between resting and doing things that don’t wear me out too much.

The good news is that I know that I am getting closer to my Transplant and although I know it will be difficult to get through, it will be worth it to get on the road of recovery the other site. At least for a good number of years.


  1. Yes very different ,jijijiji , but I love you lots and forever.Te amo muchisimo y siempre te voy amar my gordito lindo y panzoncito jijijij.
    DIOS siempe te va amar y cuidar siempre my amor.
    Que DIOS te bendiga siempre. Charito.

  2. Jo & chris3 March 2010 at 21:01

    We mis your blogs an if you feel like it you can allways walk al the way nxt door for a bru not the same as starbucks I know but it will get you out or if you feel like some company we can come round to see you? We do miss seeing you both take care lots of love nxt door x

  3. Hi Sean,

    So very sorry to hear about your news. I'm sure you've heard this line a fair few times over the past few months but if there's anything you need...

    Hopefully you have my gmail address and can send me a quick message, I'd like to pop up that way and pay you a visit if you feel up to it.

    Best wishes,
    Gareth Naser