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Sunday, 14 March 2010

A little bit better

I’m feeling a little bit better this morning. My back and  legs are still aching, but not as bad as I was yesterday.

I didn’t have much to eat yesterday, if anything really. I’ve just had some cereal  which I've managed to eat without feeling sick. Yesterday everything tasted awful! Nothing to do with Charito’s cooking, it was my taste that was affected again. I didn’t even have any coffee as I couldn’t stomach it.

I did think I was going to end up in hospital again with a temperature, which I didn’t want. I checked my temperature a few time and although it was a little higher than normal, it wasn’t anything to worry about.

Yesterday wasn’t good for me, but today is looking better so far, apart from the aching.

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  1. My si lo se as estado biencanzado todo te dolia te entiendo pero nuestro padre te cuida tanto my love tanto el siempre vaestar atu lado para amarte cuidarte y sanarte si tenemos q tener mucha FE si solo nustro senor DIOS(GOD) te va
    curar si mucha FE . I love you lots. Charito.