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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Was this the last of my Cyclophosphamide for now?

IMG_1465 copy  I have taken my last of the Cyclophosphamide today (the oval shiny ones with no markings in the pic), at least of my cycle 6. I’m not sure if I will be having a cycle 7 as I was supposed to have been to Liverpool prior to going back to Chester. Last time I spoke to Dr Lee (in Chester) he said that I was only going to have 6 cycles, but an appointment was made by Dave, so I’m not quite sure what will be happening until my appointment in Chester next Wednesday on the 17th.

I will have to wait and see. I think they will probably just start me on another cycle until I have been to see the Professor at Liverpool and then leave it up to them to see how they deal with it.

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