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Monday, 29 March 2010

Pentamidine and Dexamethasone

Today I’m on my first day of four of the Dexamethasone and also had my pentamidine at the hospital.

I’m feeling quite good today overall, but the Pentamidine tastes horrible as usual. There is still a bit of confusion over when I should have it. Even when I have stopped this cycle apparently I still need to continue with this (doh!) I have to contact Liverpool to find out exactly which I should stop and which I should continue. I think I need to continue with my Bonefos but not the usual CTD treatment. Unfortunately I didn’t get a direct line for the team in Liverpool so I need to source that from someone. I have Edwinas number who is looking after the Stem Cell transpant, but not the Dr so I will give her a call to get his number.

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  1. Gracias a DIOS my love q hoy y todo los dias te
    cuida DIOS siempre siempre tenemod q decir gracias PADRE MIO, porq el es el ser supremo ,
    DIOS es amor paz bonda todo es nuestro PADRE.
    Gracias por todo DIOS. Que DIOS te bendigue siempre.I love you lots and forever. Charito.