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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Family - Magic

IMG_1488It’s been good to see Steven the last few weeks. He has started to cycle up to see me every Monday. It takes him about an hour on his bicycle, but at least it keeps him fit. He has been helping me around the house with a few things and we have been going through some of the things in the attic.

He’s keen on learning some of the Magic that I used to do, so while I can I’m going through and teaching him a few things. Hopefully he will pick it up and get some enjoyment out of it and who knows, he may even make some money out of it as well.


  1. Chris Sanderson23 March 2010 at 13:18

    Will he do kids party's?

  2. Que lindo mi amor q esteas bien ensenando atu hijo magia me alegra mucho porti porq yo se q ati te gusta muchoy hay q agradeser a DIOS por
    todo porq estas llevando tu tratamiento bien y estas tranquilo . Thanks GOD por cuidar amy Sean
    gracias por todo , yo estoy muy orgullosa de ti my love.I love you lots forever.Charito.

  3. Get them cups & balls out! You can't beat em! Or that cup and the orange/lemon trick you did was cool too...

  4. "Will he do kids party's?"
    Only the 17 year old girl ones...

  5. lol i like jims idea not to shore my uther half will lol