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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

not getting much sleep

I’m on my Dexamethasone at the moment, but it is keeping me awake at nights. I went to bed last night but had to get up again as I couldn’t sleep. Finally went back to bed at 4am but had to get up again early to take Charito to work. This is the second day I have done that. I just never know how it is going to affect me when I take these tablets.

I’m not sure now if this is going to be my last cycle now that they have changed my appointment at Liverpool so I might have to have another three weeks cycle. I will have to wait and see. My next appointment at Chester Hospital is on the 17th so I will find out then.

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  1. MY love muy pronto va pasar todo esto DIOS nos va ayudar mucho y te va sanar y cuidar porq el es el ser q mas te AMA ati DIOS , que DIOS te bendiga siempre . Te amo muchisimo porsiempre.Charito.