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Friday, 5 March 2010

You Me Us Support

Yesterday evening I went to a support group that is being set up. It is being organised by local people affected by Cancer. Liz Taylor from Macmillan is helping us set it up. I missed the first meeting last month as I wasn’t well enough to go with it being on my Chemo Thursday. However as I felt ok yesterday Charito and managed to get there.

We had a good evening, the group is only just being set up and we haven’t got a regular venue yet. We met in Hoole in Chester in one of the hotels, but it wasn’t really private enough. Ideally we could do with a place that can offer us a free room that isn’t too formal once a month for a couple of hours. The group is being set up to support people of working age affected by Cancer. The people that attend can either be Cancer patients themselves or relatives of a patient. The age range for the group we have classed as ‘of working age’ We had a bit of discussion about this, but basically there are groups already available for young people and for old people (when I say old I mean those that have retired etc) but there was nothing for people like myself, in mid 40’s. So this group is ideal for people like me. We want it to be a friendly environment offering support to anyone who attends.

Last nights meeting was held at Bawn Lodge in Hoole. I really liked the place, but as mentioned the environment wasn’t really ideal as it was in the lounge and was open to the public. So if you know of anywhere that has a room available for free, that isn’t too formal for about 20 people that has a bar available, let me know. We need to get a permanent meeting place before creating and distributing any of the literature to the various Hospitals and patients etc.