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Friday, 19 March 2010

I need lie down now

I didn’t get much sleep last night, I was up till 4am the Dex kept me awake.

Image by Jordi C on Flickr. Click to view

I just had some post delivered, but it wasn’t for this address. By the time I managed to get the door open the postman was further up the street. I debated with myself if I should wait and try and catch him going back to his van or take a walk to try and catch him up. I decided to take a walk. He wasn’t that far away, but by the time I got there and back, it felt like I had just ran a marathon (not that I ever have but going by the looks on people faces etc on TV). I was totally out of breath and my body was shaking. I’ve just sat down and rested for a while and now got myself some water. Under normal circumstances it shouldn’t be a problem, but I think it has just brought it home to me even more how little I can do of the normal everyday things. If I took my time walking up the road I would have been ok, but because I was going a little faster to try and catch him up it was too much for me.


  1. Tienes q entender my love tuestas en tratamiento ahora tienes q descanzar relajarte , por ahorano puedes hacer muchas cosas pero el tiempo pasa y DIOS SIEMPRE VA ESTARATU LADO y teva sanar de todo my my love tenemos q tener
    mucha FE vienen muchas cosas muy muy fuerte pero nuestro PADRE va estar anuestro lado siempre
    my amor MUCHA FE.I love you lots. Charito.

  2. don't get a job at Royal Mail cj