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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Quick blog message – Pain and do they really understand

I’ve just had a conversation with one of the nurses and I was just explaining to her that me: I hadn’t had my 2pm pain killers which I was due, (this was at 2:35), nurse:  I was told that they were due at the hand over that they were due at 2pm. me: (told but did she know I hadn’t had them at 2pm) but I haven’t had them yet nurse: I’m going to get them for you now.

I got them at 3pm an hour after I was due. Sometimes I don’t think they realise how much us patients rely upon the pain killers. For me and I’m sure other patients, they start to wear-off in about the last hour, so the pain gradually increases. For me the main part is in my feet with the Neuropathy, if left it just gets worse by the hour. The shingle pain is still there and unfortunately that’s the same, the longer you leave it without the pain killers the worse it feels. So although it might only seem 40 minutes or an hour later than they time it was due, the consequence for the patient can be very painful and I don’t think at times the really understand the situation that we are in and how much we really really upon them.

I did feel like screaming at her and shouting. DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND … I NEED THEM NOW, NOT IN AN HOURS TIME! but the good work that they do and I know they are very busy on the ward stop me doing that. Besides it just isn’t in my nature …… errr ok sometimes it is, but it just wouldn’t be appropriate here.

Thank goodness for my blog where I can have a rant and vent my anger!


  1. It's a very hard balance to strike between getting what you need and making sure you don't alienate the exact people you rely on for your care. I've often said, "I don't need these people to be on my Christmas card list, or me, theirs, but I do need their cooperation." I don't think it's too much at all to diplomatically explain that you are talking about serious pain and the time frame of waiting for drugs to kick in when the last ones have been given the time to completely wear off is an awful lot to bare.

  2. There ought to be a way to connect them into your pain so they can feel what it's like... that might change their cavalier attitude about delivery of meds!

    But seriously, there is a reason why the docs don't want break-through pain and why you are supposed to get those meds on a schedule... pain delays healing or worse, and the nurses should know that. Remind them there is A REASON for every X hours... and deliver it on time, please.