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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Day Five

I managed to get some sleep again last night, but still very tired. When I woke up and sat up, I felt really sick. I got to the point of sitting on the the side of the bed with the cardboard bowl in front of me, but again managed to hold it off. It settled down after about ten minutes and I still managed to force some breakfast down.  I'm trying to make sure I eat as normal as possible while I can to keep my body working as normal as it should. To be honest though its a bit screwed up at the moment I'm still not urinating properly or opening my bowels properly. I've just taken some more movicol but I know what will happen,once I start I just won't be able to stop going and it will be days of diarhia probably!

I've seen the doctor this morning and she is giving me some water tablets as we still don know where it is going. My theory is though that once I start going to the toilet properly my water works will be OK. With the amount of food I'm eating it must be making my stomach swell and pressing on my bladder. I'm sure that doesn't help. They have stopped my cyclosporin for last night and this morning as my levels are sky high, which they think could be the cause of the water retention and the headaches. Time will tell.

Just had the nutritionist in to see me and go through the usual things about eating and the availability of milk sthe giant cyclosporin tablets that I have been taking five of twice a day mmmmm yummmyhake suppliments. I quite like the banana and the vanilla shakes, not too keen on the strawberry ones. She mentioned that it is common for people to be fed via a tube normally on about day seven when the throat gets rather sore ... surely sticking tubes down your throat when it is sore can't help, but hey who am I to complain... I also asked her about the Sesamin tablets and if she had heard of them. She hadn't so I'm going to dig out the link or her to have a read of.

So being on day five, day zero being the day of transplant, I think I am doing really well, I keep expecting lots of horrible things to happen as I have read about it and spoken to others. I'm hoping though that I can get away with a lot of them as I did last time, I managed to avoid all the nasty ones.

Nigel has sent me some pictures of his extraction, so I will do a post about that shortly.
The picture is of one of the giant cyclosporin tablets that I have been taking five of twice a day mmmmm yummmy

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  1. Reiki energy is coming your way for the water processing to get back to normal and intentions that you are continuing to progress well through your recovery from the SCT. This is for the highest and best good of all concerned, so be it and so it is...whoooooooooo!