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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protesters – Arrested for Closing Citybank accounts

I’ve just managed to catch up with what has been going on with the #OccupyWallStreet demonstrations. I’ve only watched one video and the first one I watched was just after about thirty people have been arrested for closing their accounts. A group of people cued up to close their accounts and were asked to leave the Citybank after walking out of the door they were approached by under-cover police and against their will arrested, even after they explained they were customers of the bank and wanting to close their account.

Occupy the world has been going on throughout the day with demonstrations all over the world including the UK at the stock exchange. You may have seen a brief news update on BBC, but as usual they are playing it down and even only said about a few demonstrators at Wall Street when in fact their are thousands! At least they are mentioning it, even if it isn’t full the truth.

If you get a chance, watch the videos at and see for yourself, then ask the BBC and other news agencies why they aren’t reporting it correctly.

View the world map of the demonstrations at: 

Also if you get the opportunity to watch one of the videos how they communicate with each other as mics are not permitted, they should Mic Check and then everyone repeats what has been said, so the rest of the thousands can hear what they have to say. A great idea.

Global revolution are setting up a temp news room where they are bringing live feed from all over the world, include the UK to let people know what is really going on. All this is non violent and over the last month since it was started and I’ve been watching the live feeds, none of the demonstrators have been violent in any way, they have made it more of a festival with music and singing. On the other other hand the police have been violent, spraying innocent people with chemical weapons (pepper spray) and dragging them across the road with hands bound behind their backs as their wrists bleed, behind led into the roads by the police and then cornered off and arrested for being their after being led their by the police. Police chiefs spraying the innocent with pepper spray as protesters walk innocently in front of them on the pavement.

If you weren’t aware that this was in the US and it was a news report of innocent people being attached by the local authorities, you would think it was Libya or Egypt it would be all over our news media. Why isn’t the US and UK letting people know what is really going on, how long will they continue with this misinformation – is the UK and US just as bad as Gaddafi, we have to ask ourselves the question, Why?

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  1. So now it is illegal to close a bank account? Mercy.