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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Prayers and thoughts from fellow bloggers

After waking up this morning, after a good nights sleep, I decided to have a quick look at my phone for the time. It was 5:35am which is about the normal time that I wake up at home, so was really pleased to have had a relaxing night without being ill or not being able to sleep. I did my usual thing whilst looking at my phone though and that it to check my emails …. I’m addicted to my internet life … I noticed that I had a few updates from blogs etc so decided to switch on my computer and have a proper look.

It started with a message from Sandy with the kind thoughts that I normally receive and the help she is providing with her Reiki. She also mentioned that Denise from Tim’s Wife blog was having problems leaving comments on peoples blogs and could I go over and have a read of her blog as Denise was trying to get in touch. After reading Denises’ comments about having her church pray for me as well as other Myeloma patients such as Paula who she follows as well, I felt a bit overwhelmed to think that there are all these people from various places across the world who care and love each other enough to take the the time out of their lives to think about others, including me.

Straight after reading Tim’s Wife blog I caught up with Paula’s blog and she is feeling better today than she has done and might be going home. It’s odd to think she is in the same  building as me while others are across the water but we are all connected and know each other. I thought I might have seen Bernard (Paula’s husband) yesterday as I was being wheeled around the hospital for x-rays and to see the line specialist (more on that in another post), but I didn’t. I’m sure I will catch up with her at some point soon. If you get a chance and you don’t follow Paula, shoot over to her blog and put it in your favourites. She will always keep you informed and make you laugh at the same time as well as amaze you with her knitting skills.

Just after reading Paula’s blog I got an update through from ‘Walking with big EZ’ -  Prayers Please for Multiple Myeloma Friends in the UK. The preview picture that was showing up on my tablet pc was the gorgeous Paula with what I can only describe as one of the best pictures I’ve seen of her (oh wait .. is that one of the pictures I took at the restaurant of her). The blog post from Linda is dedicated to Paula and myself and encouraging other to pray for us both as well as wishing us well and offering her own prayers and encouragement.

I wanted to thank everyone, not just those that have written on their blogs, but everyone who has sent me messages on twitter, email, facebook and all the various other forms of communication, for the best wishes and prayers that they are offering. It doesn’t matter what religion you are or what faith you have or even if you believe in god or not. The important thing I think is that the power of all these things no matter how small or large, do make a difference somehow. Maybe it’s the power of a God or some other force; to me it doesn’t make a difference what religion or belief you have. I only know that for me the love, thoughts and affection and the time you take out to wish me well makes a difference to me and whoever or whatever the power is that is making it work, I very much appreciate it and hope that I can return my love and thoughts to you and hope that in some way it helps you as much as your prayers and thoughts are helping me.

Thank you all x hugs x