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Friday, 14 October 2011

Day 8 Morning

It’s day 8 of my new stem cells from Nigel and I’m not sure if it is the dex the have added to my anti sickness pump of Ondansetron or something to do with the Granulocyt  colony-stimulating factor (GCSF for short). More likely to be the dex though that is making me a bit more lively than normal. Yesterday I felt really good and even had a vegetable curry for dinner which everyone was surprised about and very nice it was. I was still awake at 1am watching TV and on the internet and then went to bed about 1:30 and up at 5:30. So far after being to the loo and peeing more than double my usual amount I’ve cleaned all my room where I think could be at risk with Sani-Cloths. That includes my computer keyboard that I touch all of the outside of the computer any cables that go into it etc. As well as my glasses Tv controller, ipod and headphones, books, tablet, door handles, fridge top and handles, bed riser control and anywhere else I’ve seen someone else or myself touch that could cross contaminate me. Now is the time at the highest risk, so it is better to be safe and keep everywhere clean.

Charito and I are following the same rules as we did last time where we have no physical contact when she comes into visit, so no hugging or hand holding. Again it might seem a little overboard, but it worked last time and seems to be working this time as I haven’t as yet caught anything nasty. I know of other people in other rooms that have lots of visitor and even children visiting, I can only imagine that they haven’t read up enough on the risks and I have seen these type of people have a couple of cardiac arrest when going through the same procedure as me, so if it is the cleanliness that has helped then Charito and I don’t mind not having a hug for a month if it keeps me out of having to go through all of those nasty side effects.

If it is the dex that is keeping awake etc, which I think it is, then I like it, I would rather be like this than really tired all of the time. I will probably collapse and fall asleep later on for a couple of hours to recover during the day; that’s what usually happens when at home on the dex.

I will get my daily shower once I can get hold of some clean towels, I was going to have one before writing this, but thought I would give the nurses a longer rest rather than buzzing at about 6:45. It’s now 7:20am so will buzz someone to get them.

I will try and do a panorama picture of my room late for you and blog it for you so you can all see how big or small my room is.


  1. I.m glad to hear you are feeling so chipper and am continuing to intend and send Reiki your way... keep us posted!

  2. Oh, I wanted to add.... if you want to have a 'hand holding' experience without risk, just put your hospital sheet between your hands - you'll still feel the energy and warmth and not exchange any cells or germs! We're getting close to Halloween, so if you want to go whole hog, you could put the sheet over you entirely and have the hugging experience, too... LOL!

  3. Really happy to read that things are going so well for you! Keep it up!