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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Day 15 and 16 - Hospital and home

Sorry for not posting anything yesterday, but I wasn't very well. After being sick most of Thursday and throughout night, I couldn't drink anything and I was very dehydrated. My first appointment at Liverpool was at 10am and the taxi ambulance picked me up at 9am to take me to the hospital. I was very exhausted and use a wheel chair once I got to the hospital to get up to the day ward. Once I was there and they asked how I was and I told them about the sickness andthatI would need some IV fluids if they could give me some. Normally You have to wait for the blood results to come back before they give you anything, but as It was clear I was dehydrated and Ben sick, they put some fluids on a drip for me over four hours.

They took the usual bloods and I had to wait about an hour for the results to come back, as expected they showed my eurea levels were low and I needed to drink more! Apart from that my levels were good

HB 8.1
PL 90
WBC 12.1
Neuts 9.3

As you can see my neutsaresky high. After the doctors had reviewed my bloods, I was told not to take the ciclosporin until Monday as my levels were too high again. To me that was good news as they are horrible to take!

After feeling a bit better after the fluids, I arrived home and received a phone call from the doctor telling me that they had reviewed my bloods from an earlier test and my ciclosporin levels were OK and should take them as normal. So my elation about not taking them didn't last long.

The night went relatively OK without sickness, it helped after they gave me the fluids they also gave me some IV anti sickness. The nurse recommended I take the anti sickness tablet on its own first about half an hour before taking the others and that seemed to help.

Today has been a good day and I have managed to eat and drink and feel much stronger. Hopefully I will get a good nights rest and feel even better tomorrow.

My Sister and brother in law are coming to visit tomorrow so I have something to look forward to as I haven't seen them for ages.


  1. Never a dull moment! Hope you have a nice visit with your sister and thankful you could get all you needed without an overnight stay at the hospital!

  2. Also recommend having what we call 'saltines' and what you might call 'biscuits' with a bit of water nearby to quell the queasiness. The other thing that helps is Coca-cola.. not the diet kind. Something about the sugar and the gas in it that seems to help the stomach.

    But I'm continuing to intend and do Reiki in your direction so you can enjoy your family visit!

  3. And I was amazed at the 7. something neutrophils! Seriously have you stolen them from somewhere? ;D

  4. hello, sean - i was so happy to learn your hospital visit put you back on track, and that they send you home same day. hooray - home again, home again! i hope the visit wtih your family was an enjoyable one, and that you feel better and better each day. xo, karen p.s - sandy is so right about the saltines and water and coca-cola - now you are privvy to what women go through when they are preggers!