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Friday, 12 February 2010

Pentamidine via nebuliser.

I had my monthly dose of Pentamidine (Septrin) yesterday as well as my Cyclophosphomide (Chemo). I wasn’t feeling sick from the Chemo which is a good thing as last time I had the Pentamidine I felt really sick while on the nebuliser. The Ondansetron (anti-sickness) work really well for me and although I still feel a little ill normally, I certainly don’t feel as bad while taking them. I take them the day before, the day I’m on the Cyclophosphomide and the day after. Wednesday evening, 3 times during the Thursday and then Friday morning. If need be, I take more during the Friday.

The Pentamidine was still as revolting as last time, but I knew what to expect this time. The did the usual thing of shutting me in the room and not permitting anyone to come in while I was taking it. Which I can understand, as it isn’t a very nice thing to inhale, but I’m told it is good for me! It is better than getting pneumonia and dying – which is the likely outcome if I didn’t have it, so putting up with the yuck factor is worth it in the end!

I also had to have some more blood taken yesterday as there was another test that they needed to do that they didn’t do when I was there last week. A bit of a wait while they organised that, but only two minutes to take the blood as usual.

So in all I was at the hospital about three hours, most of the time waiting around for things to get sorted, but I had no other plans so I didn’t mind too much. I know I have said it before, but they are all really good on the Oncology unit, they always remember my name and all the staff recognise the patients and speak to them using their first names. It does make a difference to know that they are aware of who you are and what you are there for – it demonstrates that your not just a number on a hospital board somewhere, but they do actually care for you.

I should only have to have one more dose of the Pentamidine prior to my stem cell transplant. So I only have to put up with the yuck factor one more time hopefully.

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