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Monday, 1 February 2010

How much is enough sleep

quote James my youngest son is staying with me for two weeks while I’m on holiday. He was coming with myself and Charito to Peru, but decided to come and stay here since being unable to go.

This morning I got up at about 8am and took Charito to work. When I came back James was still in bed. I decided to leave him there and not disturb him as it is his holiday as well and I’m sure he will enjoy the lie in and the rest form work and college.

I must admit though by lunch time I was getting rather worried as he still wasn’t out of bed! – So I did what any sensible father would do … leave him there and get my lunch :D

Charito finishes work at 3pm and just before going out to pick her up, James finally appears.

Charito couldn’t believe that he had only just got up. I hope he enjoyed it, because he wont be getting away with it again. Tomorrow might be a shock to him when I wake him up early. I’m sure he will get used to it before the two weeks are over.

Personally I can’t stand staying in bed late I like to get up early and do some reading or studying first thing.

My routine at the moment is get up, have shower, take tablets, inject myself, make coffee, make cereal, sit down and watch the news. While I’m off work I like to catch up on some of the reading that I have neglected over the last few months. I have a few books that I am going to read.

I don’t think you need to have about 14 hours sleep be able to do a normal days activities not that there would be much of the day left.

So James has a busy day ahead of him tomorrow …. which reminds me I must tell him about that!!!


  1. have u got jim starting the kichen lol sints i did the hall, landing, sters, (i cant spell lol) and fitting the door lol and then ill fin it off lol hope he sanded it properly lol. :-)

  2. Te amo muchisssssssssssmo my corazon.
    Que DIOS te bendiga siempre,el te ama mucho.
    DIOS te bendiga my Sean. Charito.