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Monday, 7 December 2009

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The newsletter option on the blog has now been set up. If you don’t want to check the blog out every day, I have set it up so that a weekly newsletter is sent to anyone who subscribes. I will also use the subscription list to send out various other bits that are not contained in the blog that might be of interest as well. For example to keep people up to date with the progress of the Charity Parachute Jump that Amy is organising. To join simply enter your email address in the sign up box and follow the instructions or fill in the details below. (if it works!)

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  1. "Please specify a valid email address." your little box dosnt like my email address "This newsletter is no longer available via FeedBlitz." and the subscribe me at top right sais your news letter dosnt exist >.<

  2. Sean: There's a problem with the form on your post and your newsletter settings. I have changed the settings to allow email subscriptions using the form on the right sidebar, but if you want to use the other newsletter you have (633664) then you need to use its subscription form on your site instead. Go to Newsletters - Forms - Subscription Forms to get the code you need.


    Phil Hollows