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Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Day

Feeling ok my plan to feel better on the Dexamethazone has worked so I'm having an alright Christmas day. Dinner went to plan as well and everything was cooked ok and on time. As usual we all ate too much. James and Steven enjoyed it as well.

Christmas pudding didn’t go as planned though … we couldn’t find the brandy sauce that we bought so we had to improvise. Charito has a good idea to use some hot milk with Baileys & Caramel. It worked to a treat. In fact I think I liked it better than the brandy sauce.

Charito is very tired as she stayed up till 5am talking to her family in Peru. In Peru they celebrate Christmas at 12am and have there meal then as well and open all of their presents and stay up all night. As Charito couldn’t be with them this year, she used the web cam and spoke to her family all night and then got up at 8am with me, James and Steven. So very tired indeed. Last year we spent Christmas in Peru so I know exactly how busy it is over there and what they all get up to … Very crazy and busy all night. Fireworks in the streets and lots of parties.

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  1. Happy Christmas Sean, glad you enjoyed your day. Lots of love to you all, Sonja x x x