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Monday, 14 December 2009

Doctors suggestion

Well the doctors visit wasn’t much good at all. I explain the situation to them and all they could suggest was go back to the hospital and see if they can recommend a different drug. As I have started the dexamethozone today this will reduce the rash and swelling while I’m taking it over the next four days.  So if it starts again after this, it is definitely not the allopurinol as I have stopped that and points again to the Septrin. The swelling on my face has slightly reduced and I think my hands are slightly more flexible. Hopefully tomorrow when I wake up I wont have a face like a fish (big eyeballs and big lips). The doctor has also given me a different anti-histamine this one is only one tablet a day rather than 1 tablet four times a day. The only problem is it will make me drowsy, so I haven’t taken that yet. I will need to work out the best time to take it. I might do it at night and hopefully ok for the morning. I’m off work tomorrow so tonight will be a good day to try.

I also got the doctor to prescribe more Bonefos while I was there as I have to take that for the rest of my life, I might as well get a supply in before I run low.


  1. people pay good money to get their lips bigger and their wrinkles taken away, so basically you have free botocs! you have to look on the positive side. I am not sure about getting free dog biscuit, oh hang on thats boneos :-)

  2. I think thay are just turning you into a mutant monkey fish :-)

  3. Trust me it isn't a pretty site. People at work keep staring at me and not in a good way either.